Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Today was a long day. I traveled to Boise, Idaho for work. It was cold but nicer than I expected. I attended a meeting that lasted a couple of hours, and then the person we were visiting gave us a tour of Boise. Before you ask, I didn’t get to see any potato farms, but I did ask about them. They have farms that run up a river with a snake-like name. The one-hour flight each way was less tiring than I expected.

I hoped to write more. This is the best I can do for today. And, yes, I realize that these entries are becoming shorter and shorter. But I give you monsters to make up for the length, which is caused mostly by my refusal to share my consternations, beyond these introductory consternations. That and I’m not spending the time (or the caffeine) on writing as much as I have in the past. I’ll get back to my old ways one of these days.


Rachel waited until the coffee pot filled, and poured the coffee into her mug. She sipped her mug and almost choked as the scolding liquid drained into her stomach. She didn’t stop drinking, though, and finished half the mug before putting it down. Her tongue and throat felt raw. It was worth it. She shook her head a few minutes later to stop herself from staring into space. Work to do and I have no time to dilly dally in the break room. She left the room and walked down the hallway back to her office. She heard another crash, this time closer. She spun around to see if she could catch its source. There was nobody in the darkened hallway.

She listened but heard nothing after the echoes of the crash. That’s it. I’m going to give that cleaning lady a good talking to. Rachel approached the lobby where she usually found the cleaning people speaking Spanish loudly to one another. The lobby was empty and after finding the front office door lock, she knew the cleaning agency had left. One must have stayed late. Maybe they’re trying to steal something. The thought of calling the front security desk flitted through her mind, but she squashed it. I’m no coward. The thoughts of her work vanished; she began to examine the hallways and offices, searching for the source of the noise.

Rachel was a tall woman with dark hair and colorless skin. She wore little makeup because she had nothing to hide. She had never had a blemish on her face. Her eyes were dark brown and surrounded by spotless brilliant white. She painted her lips a dark red to add color to her face, and wore severe and tightly cut suits. She prided herself on her posture, and because of it, her clothing never became wrinkled. She had worked at the office for three years, and been promoted twice. She was one-step away from vice president, which she expected to happen after her Christmas bonus. She carried an air of command with her like other woman wear scarves. She had no question of her worth, and she shared it with anyone who asked.

Today's Monster: