Call it what it isn't

Monday, January 28, 2013

January draws to a close. I know that because I had a bunch of paperwork due: vehicle tabs and bar dues, all completed slightly before the end of month deadline. (Well, most of them. One of them was after the deadline. Don’t tell anyone.)

Another tired day. Doolies tells me that Dinosaur did better last night with sleeping in the other room. Doolies also tells me that she remembered some very weird dreams. The two points don’t mash well, as I’ve discovered through kid-induced insomnia, the silver lining is that you remember the weird dreams that you likely have every night and thankfully forget by morning.

Right, I was supposed to be writing and not checking mail.

Dinosaur is sleeping in the kitchen on the swing. It’s no longer swinging as his sleep lasted past its fifteen minute timer. He’s quiet. Tiger is upstairs with Doolies bathing. That leave me down here staring at screens. I’m hunched over, not in defeat but something quite closely resembling it.

I ended up doodling for a bunch. Nothing to show for it. I really need to get back to posting some of my doodles. One of these days. Tiger is safely in bed. After giving her a goodnight kiss, she says, “No sad. Mommy coming soon. Daddy coming soon. Dinosaur coming soon.” And with that she puts herself to sleep. Such a darling.

With that I’m going to call this words and try again tomorrow night.