Consistent Tomfoolery

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I’m exhausted today. Yesterday’s gym hit me harder than I thought. My legs were exhausted, and I almost fell down the stairs in the Castle yesterday. After struggling to wake this morning, I made it to work and through lunch without many problems. It was after my afternoon coffee that I ran out of steam. The yummy caffeine did not work its usual magic. I desperately wanted a nap. My exhaustion continued through most of the afternoon and into the evening. It has now dripped all over these words

Doolies and I made a delicious beef and broccoli dish for tonight. I don’t know what I did before finding cornstarch. It works just like cream for thickening sauces, but without the fat and dairy flavor. I’m hungry just thinking about it (the beef dish, not the cornstarch, which I don’t think has much of a taste). Next time we will make more of it. And I’ll even try not to burn the broccoli. I browned it a bit too aggressively in the wok. It’s important to add water before it burns. Very important.

We finally returned to our Hebrew lessons. We did surprisingly well on our vocabulary flashcards, considering we haven’t looked at them in over a month. It is possible some of the words are starting to stick in long-term memory. It’s also quite possible that we were very lucky and tomorrow we’ll realize the extent of that luck. As long as we return to daily study, we’ll be fine. It’s the whole chipping away at the mountain, one rock at a time, thingy.

I had thoughts of returning to my Jewish essay today, but I don’t think I will go there. Today will be a day of rest, similar to yesterday but without the frantic posting. I might even skip doodling. Not that doodling is terribly taxing. On the contrary, it’s relaxing. I can spend hours pushing and pulling lines, and adding subtle gradients and shadows. Doolies wants to watch another “Samurai Champloo” DVD. As I said before, it’s a quality anime, and we may watch it late into the night.

In lieu of a new serve, Chuck has suggested that we enter a short story “contest.” The contest has an interesting premise, but I haven’t decided yet. Except for posting my writings here (where thankfully nobody reads them), I don’t think to share them much. I guess this is my defense mechanism. If I don’t share them, nobody will judge them, and I can pretend that I’m a good writer. That almost sounded like a consternation. I’ll give it a few days thought and see if I can think on an original angle to the topic. Assuming I can, I may attempt a story for the contest. I guess I don’t have much else to do with my time, if you don’t count doodling, working, travelling, coding three websites, getting married, commuting, learning about Judaism, and holding the Doolies.

I had thoughts of not making Goal today, but seeing as I was so close, I went back and pushed the remaining words out. I’m nothing if not consistent. Or, in simpler words, I’m disgustingly consistent.