Delivery Dream

Thursday, May 20, 2004

So, I’m a doctor and I have a surrogate delivery where one woman is going to delivery 30 babies. There is another doctor who’s delivering another baby in the same room. My family is around, including my uncle. I forgot my camera so I run back and end up at my uncle’s apartment, where he’s cleaning his outside hallway. I pick up my digital camera, but the batteries are dying. I have only 15 minutes to get back to the hospital and I run. I stop in a grocery 5&10 but they’re out of AA and only have a huge battery left.

I start running to the hospital afraid now that I’m going to be late. I run up the stairs of a house, which I think I can cut through to get to the hospital. There is a father and son there and the father tells me that I can’t get to the hospital this way. I have to go down the street and turn left (away from the direction of his house).

I start running. It looks like I’m taking giant steps, but I’m moving slowly. The father yells something about making it for visiting time at 12, even though it’s almost 1 and time for me to deliver all the babies on a tightrope.

As I’m running in slow motion toward the hospital, another man runs past me at high speed and the son comments that it doesn’t look like I’m moving very fast. The phone rings and my dream ends.