Electricity but no internet

Saturday, December 16, 2006

We have electricity again. No internet yet—though when I get a chance to post this, I imagine the internet will be back. Driving home from the airport with Doolies last night, we decided to stop at a restaurant with electricity. There were many neighborhoods without electricity and we weren’t sure if the Castle would still be dark. After dinner we drove home and the heater’s rumbling greeted us when we parked. The Castle was still cold but warming quickly.

The weather today was cold again. Frosted grass and slippery steps greeted us in the morning as we trekked to our breakfast place. The line was past the front door and we decided to grab pastries and coffee before buying groceries and cooking breakfast at home. We spent some time emptying out the fridge of the spoiled food—if nothing else, a great excuse to remove old food.

I wrote the first half (or quarter?) of a story Chuck suggested. It’s based on my experience in the NYC restaurant. I have a vague idea where it’s going. Obviously these words in this musing are to get me to Goal. I ran out of energy where I stopped storying. I don’t know why, but I love exploring how people are always worrying about what other people are thinking, even though those other people are almost never thinking about them. We’ll see if I ever get back to finishing the story.

It’s nice to have Doolies home. I gave Doolies her Chanukah gift last night. What I didn’t write about in my musing (for obvious reasons) was visiting the 47th street diamond district with my uncle when we met for lunch on Tuesday. I bought Doolies a bracelet for the holidays (and for her birthday since my funds ran low at that time). Because of the weather yesterday, today feels like a Sunday. Thankfully I have another day off tomorrow to enjoy the Doolies.