Tuesday, April 12, 2005

D: So this is where you’ve been hiding.

S: I haven’t been hiding. I’ve been here the whole time.

D: You can’t go off and hide like that. We were worried.

S: Sorry. I wasn’t thinking about it.

D: What were you thinking about?

S: Stuff.

D: Do you mind taking your thoughts and sharing them with your grandparents. They’ve been looking forward to spending time with you all week.

S: They’ve been watching television all day.

D: You like television.

S: Not what they’re watching. It’s boring.

D: Would you spend time with them as a favor to me?

S: Why?

D: Because I asked you.

S: That’s not that good of a reason.

D: Well, what would be a good reason?

S: Why do you work?

D: If you think I’m going to I’m not paying you to spend time with your grandparents, you have another thing coming, kiddo.

S: …

D: They’re only here for another four days, and after today, you’ll be in school all day. I didn’t want to tell you this, but they might just possibly have your present in the living room now.

S: What is it?

D: You’ll have to go in there to find out.

S: I thought you said you weren’t going to pay me to spend time with them.

D: I’m not the one who bought the gifts.

S: You’re not lying?

D: About what?

S: The presents.

D: I never said they had presents, I said they might possibly have presents.

S: So you’re saying they don’t have presents.

D: I didn’t say that either. Why don’t you go spend time with them and find out? Use some of those detective skills you keep talking about. Sniff out the presents.

S: I don’t want to be a policeman anymore.

D: When did this happen?

S: I’m growing up, dad. I wanted to be a policeman when I was a kid.

D: Why don’t you talk to you grandparents about your more future plans? I’m sure they’re interested.

S: They’re never interested in anything I say. They pinch my cheeks and tell me to keep my voice down. Can’t I give them a picture of me sitting quietly and leave it at that?

D: That’s an idea. Why don’t you show them your drawings? Your grandpa was quiet the cartoonist when he was young.

S: He never wants to talk about his cartoons. They never want to talk about nothing. I don’t know why they bother to come.

D: They’re my parents, and the come because I invite them and because we love them very much. That’s what family does: we love each other unconditionally. Just because they’re not as entertaining as your friends, doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Now, get your butt into the living room and spend some time with your grandparents.

S: Sure. But you owe me one.

D: We’ll call it even for me feeding and clothing you for the last thirteen years of your life.

S: One evening with grandparents for thirteen years of feeding and clothing. Seems fair.

D: I’m glad you approve. Now, get moving before they go to sleep.

S: It’s only four thirty, and we haven’t even had dinner yet.

D: We’re going out for dinner tonight, your grandparents’ treat.

S: They have a coupon or something?

D: Get.

S: I was just asking. You coming?

D: I’ll be there in a moment. And, yeah, buy one get one free.

S: Sounds delicious.

D: Be nice.