Gravel Shoveling

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The car exploded. Its black canvas convertible roof flew ten feet in the air, the attaching metal arms splayed outward, as if the roof was preparing to belly dive onto the expanding fireball. The explosion knocked me to my knees and I covered my head with my arms. I felt the glass shards and metal bits bounce off me, stinging a few exposed spots, and I curled my head further downward. The explosion played backwards in my head. I watched the fireball explode silently, followed by a shockwave that brought with it the sound of the explosion, and then finally the blazing heat of the flames. No matter how many times I’ve been near exploding cars, I never lose my fascination.

I counted to three aloud, tasting blood with each word, and staggered upright, pulling my gun from its shoulder holster. When I searched the area, there was nobody around. But I didn’t trust it.


How’s that for a story? I’m too tired to write that story, and I didn’t like it. I’m exhausted. After succumbing to the tow truck, my neighbor recommended I remove four inches of gravel from my car park, and I’ve spent most of today shoveling gravel. So much fucking gravel. My neighbor told me that the previous owner recently laid down the five inches of gravel during this past summer. He voluntarily laid down the gravel. What was he thinking? Was he thinking? Sure, in the summer when it’s bone dry, it doesn’t matter how much gravel you have. But when things get wet and the lower rocks soak through, there’s no traction. The car spins its wheels digging little trenches in the gravel pit. What was he thinking? I think I shoveled enough of it where I feel that tomorrow I’ll be able to take out my car, but I’ll only know for sure when I try it tomorrow.

“Have you seen how work looks so much easier when someone else does it, and turns out to be much harder when you try it yourself?”

I wish I had more to say, but I’m about to pass out. I need to get back to the gym. I’m getting incredibly out of shape. Sorry for the caffeine-free entry, but I’ll try to do better tomorrow.