I can't stop tinkering

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I can't stop tinkeringdoodle

And the parade of robots continues. I didn't shave this morning. I usually don't shave every day, but it's been three days and today should have been a shaving day. That's me in the Horrible. Over the past few days my alarm clock has been chirping birds. It still wakes me up and I'm hoping it annoys Doolies less (she sleeps in most mornings). What does this have to do with robots? I have no idea. I really don't.

The sun left us and the rain returned. There's a wind warning, and they warned us bicyclists to be careful out there. Luckily I don't bicycle in the winter. With any luck, I'll start again in a few months, once daylight continues through seven at night. Until then, I'm a driver, polluting the environment and creating stress for others on the road. I also listen to podcasts. This week has not been a good podcast week as my dog Button ate my Zune wire. Poor wire.