It never rains in the summer

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
It never rains in the summerdoodle

I decided to skip to a recent doodle. It's nice today: sunny and warm. The last few days were bad. Cold, rainy bad. This has been a tough August, drawing an atypical summer to a close. We dragged the dogs to the park yesterday in the late evening drizzle. They were going insane at home. Ziggy kept attacking Button, and Button kept eating Ziggy (when she wasn't cowering in the corner). They ran in the rain, not seemingly worse for the cold. Perhaps they're not as afraid of the rain as we thought. It's possible we were projecting our fear of rain onto our dogs. Or maybe I think about these things too much.

I start my new job on Tuesday. I'm excited. I'm also starting to think about the Marathon again. I have ideas. Small ideas. After writing less than 400 words a week for the past six months, I'm not sure how my fingers will survive the November beating.