Jetlag is a process

Monday, March 11, 2013

I’m attempting to put the Dinosaur to sleep in his bouncy next to me. He’s been up with the babysitter all afternoon when the Doolies was at work. He did not eat any formula but waited for the Doolies to return home for mommy milk. He just had a huge poo and hopefully that will be enough for a nap. He’s quieted down somewhat and seems content in the bouncy. For now.

I’m in the process of readying a new photo album for my Dear Readers. I’m alternating these words with rendering, favorite-ing, and thumbnail-ing the album for posting. No videos this week so it’s rather straightforward. Pardon the interruptions. Think of it as for the greater good of society. Or at least this website.

Okay, posted. That was easier than expected. Lots of cute monster photographs. But you probably expected that.

The Tiger is talking more lately. She tends to repeat herself as she tries to formulate the idea in different ways. She also has much more energy than before. The energy level is approaching scary as she runs around the house screaming and laughing. It’s cute but exhausting.

The Dinosaur is making Dinosaur noises as he falls asleep. As I type this his eyes close. He’s peacefully sleeping in the bouncy now. I just have to be weary of the dogs. Hopefully they won’t whine or bark or wake him up. This has happened in the past.

The jetlag from Daylight Savings is still upon us. We’re allowing a few days for the Tiger to adjust. I pushed out the time we drop her off at school so I didn’t have to wake her up an hour earlier than usual. I’ll wake her a bit earlier tomorrow until hopefully she’ll be back on schedule by the end of the week. That’s just in time for my mom’s visit. Hi, Mom!

We have our first parent-teacher conference at the Tiger’s school on Wednesday. The Doolies is sending me so I can report back. Not sure what they talk about for two-year olds, but I guess this is part of being a parent. Or so the books say.

We had a good weekend. We had planned to go to the Museum of Industry and History (or something like that) on Sunday, but the Doolies was a bit nauseous, so we decided to go to a local Children’s Museum instead. We haven’t been there in a while, and this was the first time the Tiger could do more than just play in the toddler area. The good thing about this museum is that it’s inside a mall with a NY-style deli. That was our lunch. The Doolies was also able to stay outside with the Dinosaur while I toured the museum with the Tiger. I thought I took a lot of photographs. The Doolies did not think I took enough photographs.

The Dinosaur moved a bit but is now back to sleep. Good little Dinosaur.

The new design for this website is proceeding nicely. I’m still shooting to release it next week. We’ll see if I squeeze in enough time to type out the last remaining items between now and then.

Speaking of website, you’ll never guess what distracted me as soon as I typed it. Yes, the coding for the website. Luckily the Dinosaur is still sleeping and the Tiger is just finishing up her bath. I should go up soon and check on the Tiger. She sometimes wants me to read to her before bedtime.

A bit of excitement. The Tiger was in bed but did not want to put on her pajama feet. She was talking about a poo and we thought she may want to use the potty. We bribed her to sit on the potty with the offer of reading Potty Time with Abbey (a Sesame Street book), but when we took off her pull-up diaper, she had a pee. Likely she was only trying to tell us to change her pee when she was talking about the potty. One of these days she’ll want to go on the potty. Can you believe this is what I categorize in my exciting column now?

There was a discussion at work last week about the proper time to move toddlers to beds. My colleagues were making a case for three or two or five. I chimed in with seventeen. That seems about right for non-climbers like the Tiger. Given the Dinosaur’s physicality, I doubt he’ll be in the non-climber camp.

Long night putting the Tiger to sleep. She tried to use the potty three times, all after she peed in her diaper. Redressing her each time was a chore as she wanted to “do myself.” We finally got her hair dried and her teeth brushed, and read her playroom books. The Doolies is now reading her bed books, and she’ll hopefully be off to sleep at normal, pre-Daylight Savings time. As I said before, it’s a process.