Purple pony at Purim party per photographs

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another long weekend day with the monsters. The Tiger’s fever was gone by morning. Our best theory is that one of her molars is coming in. She has put her fingers in her mouth lately, something she does not normally do. We’ll find out whether we’re right when we go to her dentist soon.

We made it to the Purim party. I hope to post some Purim party photos along with the rest of pictures sitting in our cameras. The party was later than I would have preferred, starting at noon. We arrived a bit past noon and stayed for an hour. The Tiger wanted to go down the inflatable slide. Until she arrived at the ladder. She then did not want to go down it. She enjoyed the rest of the activities, however. She played all the games and had her face painted with a large red heart. She won enough yellow tickets to purchase a purple pony. And she ate a lollipop and hamentashens. The Dinosaur slept for most of the activities, waking up in the Baby Bjorn only at the end.

The Dinosaur has woken from his nap. I’ll be back soon. False alarm. It was only Dinosaur noises, not the Dinosaur waking. Very different but hard to differentiate. Especially in the middle of the night.

After the party, I dropped the Dinosaur and Doolies at home and then took the Tiger for a drive. She fell asleep halfway through but the transfer failed. She woke as I unbuckled her. I decided to keep her in the car and went for another drive, this time to the south end of the island. When I arrived at the shopping center where I planned to turn around, she was awake and looking around.

I decided to throw in the towel and headed to a self-serve yogurt shop. I don’t remember when these shops popped up but they’ve multiplied and they’re everywhere. We had three types of yogurt: mint (sugar free), vanilla (nonfat), and cake mix (also nonfat). I added cut strawberries, kiwis, and blackberries for toppings. I then squirted hot fudge into the corner and grabbed two spoons. A little under four dollars later, we were sitting at the table enjoying our yogurt and fruit.

Doolies and I swapped naps today. The Dinosaur was not his usual magical-self last night, waking at midnight, 5:30am, and an hour later. While the Tiger did not have a fever, she was crankier than usual with her lack of naps, lots of sugary snacks, and excitement from the Purim party. That left me exhausted tonight. I sat during dinner reading an article until the Doolies complained. I told her I needed a break.

Yesterday, the Tiger was sitting in the living room and looked up at the (way too big) photograph of the Doolies and me from our wedding pictures. It’s the one where we’re both wearing traditional Chinese dress and I’m wearing a large red bow, which is clearly a joke the photo studio plays on all foreigner men+. The Tiger pointed at the photograph and said “new mommy and daddy,” and then pointed at the real us and said “old mommy and daddy.” Yes, she has that right. That was six years ago, and I feel every one of those almost six years, particularly the last two and a half.

I should spend some time culling photographs so I can post tonight. Not sure if that qualifies as creative time, but if I don’t do it now, I probably won’t post it for another week.

Ok, it’s exporting now after a quick cull. I probably should have checked my other camera to see if the Doolies captured other photographs. I hear stomping upstairs, which means the Tiger is probably done with her bath. I’ll go help read to her before it’s her bedtime.

Turned out there were a handful of other photographs and videos on the other camera as well. They’ve now been added to the album.

The Tiger is in bed and the Dinosaur still naps. The photographs and videos are being uploaded. So all is right in this small part of the world. Oh, and I also managed to finish up my overdue letter to my childhood friend. It’s posted to Facebook. I feel very accomplished this Sunday night. I have to wait a bit longer for the photographs to upload, and then it’s off to watch animes.

+ Update: Doolies informed me last night that the red bow was part of the traditional dress. I did a few internet searches and did not find verification of this fact. I'll stick with my understanding that it's used to humiliate foreigners until proven otherwise.