The queen

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
The queendoodle

It's our anniversary day (part deux)! The doodle came from this Taiwan wedding studio photograph (you do remember our wedding shoot, right?). This was the next doodle in my queue, honest. Last week Doolies did the math on my queue and realized what I was going to post. She's a smart cookie.

It's a beautiful day outside--after a brutally hot start to Spring, Seattle has had beautiful and 70s weather almost every day. We have reservations for dinner tonight. Before you set this date in your calendar, we'll be celebrating the Taiwan wedding date next year. Not only do I have to remember the anniversary, but I also have to keep in mind which day it falls out. That's a lot of math. Luckily I have internets and I can check back on my last Anniversary Horrible.