Throwing the schedule off

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tiger let me put her to sleep tonight. It has been a long time since she’s let me do that. I feel very special. We once again didn’t’ get her to bed until late so I decided to do my speed reading rendition of her three books. She didn’t mind. She was too busy calling off all the letters she saw in the book and trying to figure out what the letters were doing. It’s slowly dawning on her that the letters make up words and the words sentences. She’s not there yet.

It was a long Monday at work.

Tiger is safely in bed and hopefully sleeping, and Dinosaur is in his normal position when I write. The dogs are digging in their bed. Not sure what they’re hoping to find.

Okay, I’m past the pleasantries. I didn’t have much planned for tonight. It’s late and I’m looking forward to returning to our robot anime. This is different from the mecha that we generally do not like. (Large robots are not exciting for us.) This is more in the vein of Asimov’s “I, Robot” books (not the movie). I would include it in the slice of life anime with an underlying theme of androids that look like humans: are they people, too? If I was going to write a research paper, that is.

I submitted a new version of my Win 8 app. I added an all-important refresh button and fixed an issue with the progress bar not showing during server updates. Yes, I’m still proud of the app. I’m also still working on the new version of the website. It’s going swimmingly. I only wish I had more time to work on it. At the rate I’m going it won’t be finished for many more months. Steady is the tortoise, I guess. I’ll eventually make it to the finish line. Luckily nobody still reads these words outside of my two Dear Readers. Not that they don’t deserve a new paint job (and lots of work under the hood), but probably the only person who cares about it is me. Such is the life of a perfectionist.

Dinosaur got up at 4am yesterday, breaking his streak of sleeping through the night. Doolies may have prematurely woken him during one of his louder-than-usual moaning sessions. He went right back to sleep after a quick feeding, and back to his crib. So if that’s the worst of it, we can probably manage. He’s growing a bit restless in his bouncy. He’s kicking and giving me the sad face.

Dinosaur discovered his hand over the last week. He likes to look at it and bring it to his mouth. He does this for long periods.

Dinosaur is up and on my lap now. This will not last as he’s already flailing. Doolies is on her way downstairs hopefully to relieve me so I can finish these words.

Doolies is telling me I may need to write less tonight because I took a telephone call that pushed everything later than normal tonight. Tiger didn’t go to sleep until 8 (again), and our time to watch anime is dwindling as bedtime quickly approaches. There needs to be more time in the evenings. Or maybe I should try to write a bit at lunch. I’ve been spending my abbreviated lunches reading my latest fantasy book. I might try to push a few words instead—although lunch is how I manage to stay ahead of my colleague in the book.

Okay, I’ve done what I could tonight. I’ll call this good and think on trying to complete this earlier, or maybe not take phone calls at night. That would help as well.