War is the only way to ensure everyone gets along

Sunday, March 8, 2009
War is the only way to ensure everyone gets alongdoodle

We finished Utawarerumono (we never learned to pronounce the name) last night. It was an engaging anime that managed to tell a single story with few deviations. Most amazingly, the end almost made sense and was enjoyable.

My mother leaves for NYC tonight. She brought the cold and snow to Seattle. I'll forgive her as long as she takes the weather with her. The sun did manage to break through the weekend's rain-snow. Now if only the temperature rose above forty.

Doolies's choir performed this afternoon. My mother seems to arrange her trips around Doolies's performances. This is the second time she's catching one. It's nice to hear traditional choir music. I thought I would like her Jazz choir better. I was wrong.