europe: london tower

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Last night we went on the Jack the Ripper tour in the slummy area of London. Our tour guide, Roy, was a very English looking and sounding chap, complete with the white moustache that ran into his sideburns. While he looked and sounded like I’d imagine such a tour guide would, the tour itself was a little long and unexciting. The facts about Mr. Ripper, however, were as interesting as they were disturbing. What is it with human’s fascination with serial murderers?

After the tour we ate in a styling Italian restaurant near Victoria station. The food was rather good; especially because by then I was completely famished. Everything does seem to be a little more expensive here when you take into account the 1.7 exchange rate. Our projected budget of $50/day has been blown these past 2 days—Rosie has been told, however, that in London you should expect to go over budget, so we’re not too worried.

I am currently sitting in a courtyard overlooking the Tower of London. I was very tired this morning and did not join Rosie in going to watch the changing of the guard at 11:30am; although I did manage to get up for breakfast, only to return to bed for the rest of my well-deserved sleep—my feet have never thanked me more. Rosie is about 30 minutes late now. I’ll giver her another 15 minutes and then go to the Tower.