europe: to athens

Sunday, August 29, 1999

On a bus from Confu, Greece to Athens. Met some nice people on here so it shouldn’t be too bad—all 12 hours o fit. This trip would be much more enjoyable if I met more people. The B&Bs and hotels we stay at do not create the opportunity to meet other travelers that hostels do. That’s really a shame.

I’ll definitely miss the incredible blue water of Greece. When the ship’s propellers froth up the water, the white froth turns the blue water the color of a swimming pool. Normally it’s a clear dark blue through which you can make out the bottom if its 20’ away. Absolutely amazing.

The Pink Palace, where I spent the last 3 nights, was a nice place to visit, but its way too party-al-night geared. I’m not really looking for that, but I was looking for the relaxation which I did get. I would have liked to have left yesterday night, but this is the first bus out. Onward to Athens!