Mar 25Rolling, rollingText
Mar 18Two-Year Old ProtestersText
Mar 11Jetlag is a processText
Mar 08Lazy wordsText
Mar 06Kissing JarText
Mar 04Planets, Made in ChinaText
Mar 02The holding of nothingText
Mar 01Short updateText
Feb 27“Go with mommy or else . . .”Text
Feb 25Babka CaperText
Feb 24Purple pony at Purim party per photographsText
Feb 23Happy sicknessText
Feb 20Too much thinkingText
Feb 18Focus is not a friendText
Feb 16Same ol'Text
Feb 15DedicationText
Feb 15Magical BabyText
Feb 14Valentine MonopoliesText
Feb 12Lunch writingsText
Feb 11Throwing the schedule offText
Feb 10Energy deficientText
Feb 09Indian ReservationsText
Feb 08Fricassee meText
Feb 07Explorability ArgumentText
Feb 06Leaky thoughtsText
Feb 04PlaceholderText
Feb 03He's at the tableText
Feb 01Who says you can't learn things from musicals?Text
Jan 31Under the coversText
Jan 30Stop the sicknessText
Jan 28Call it what it isn'tText
Jan 27Don't listen to this blowhardText
Jan 26CollectionsText
Jan 26Tiger's first computer drawingText
Jan 25Empty panelsText
Jan 24My toe, my toe!Text
Jan 23Teased judgingText
Jan 22Dweller of HolesText
Jan 21Sleep CrossingText
Jan 20Creative inversionText
Jan 19Who says I need words?Text
Jan 18Day of PromiseText
Jan 17Did I really forget?Text
Jan 16French FillersText
Jan 15Early morning picker-upperText
Jan 14Surfing ComplicationsText
Jan 13Meaning of EfilText
Jan 13Pear TossingText
Jan 12Frozen dog bowlsText
Jan 11Slow thoughtsText
Jan 10Brainy KickersText
Jan 09Friendly neighborhood elevatorText
Jan 08The trick is, there is no planText
Jan 07A silent jauntText
Jan 06Dinosaur StuffingsText
Jan 05Old McFarmerText
Jan 04No Daddy. Mommmy!Text
Jan 03ShhhText
Jan 02Closet monstersText
Jan 01Shopping adventuresText
Dec 31Why so sad, Llama Llama?Text
Dec 30Breakfast with ElmoText
Dec 29Tired fingers and childrenText
Dec 28What did you think was going to happen?Text
Dec 27Take your job and . . .Text
Dec 26Late-Night PhilosophyText
Dec 2530 minutes of creativityText
Jul 11Naginata Nidan Test OutlineText
Jul 11Tour Guide FantasyText
Jun 20Aliens in the schoolText
Jun 12Dishwashers don't consternateText
Jun 072012 RedoText
May 30Mr. Blank PageText
Apr 28Naginata WarmupsText
Feb 17Doolies's 2012 Shodan Exam for NaginataText
Jan 07Naginata Shodan Test OutlineText
Dec 25Figatner Family's Shabbat Dinners 2006-2011Text
Aug 18Naginata GreetingsText
Jul 23Conference RoomText
Jun 19ForgetfulnessText
Jun 14Races with RatsText
May 21Handoff #1 (David)Text
Jan 21Weather MastheadsText
Dec 29Unstarted StartsText
Dec 27If I had something to sayText
Nov 22Summary of Nanowrimo 2009Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo 2009 Day 21Text
Nov 20Nanowrimo 2009 Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 19Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 18Text
Nov 17Nanowrimo 2009 Day 17Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo 2009 Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo 2009 Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo 2009 Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo 2009 Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo 2009 Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo 2009 Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo 2009 Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo 2009 Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo 2009 Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo 2009 Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo 2009 Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo 2009 Day 5Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo 2009 Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo 2009 Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo 2009 Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo 2009 Day 1Text
Oct 19Arrived in Taipei (or Stop Worrying, Moms)Text
Aug 04Double tappingText
Aug 03The sensitive goatText
Aug 02The continuation of nothingnessText
Aug 01Unrequited ConsternationsText
Jul 08You should be scared!Text
Dec 20My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal JourneyText
Dec 14Bluebeard (Delta Fiction)Text
Dec 02WatchmenText
Nov 24The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Modern Library Paperbacks)Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo 2008 RevisitedText
Nov 20Nanowrimo 2008 Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2008 Day 19Text
Nov 18Nanowrimo 2008 Day 18Text
Nov 17Nanowrimo 2008 Day 17Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo 2008 Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo 2008 Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo 2008 Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo 2008 Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo 2008 Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo 2008 Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo 2008 Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo 2008 Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo 2008 Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo 2008 Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo 2008 Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo 2008 Day 5Text
Nov 04Nanowrimo 2008 Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo 2008 Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo 2008 Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo 2008 Day 1Text
Oct 30More MySQL ProblemsText
Oct 28I'm back!Text
Oct 12First thoughts on the 2008 MarathonText
Sep 22The Escape ArtistsText
Sep 17So say something alreadyText
Sep 01Kosher DeliText
Sep 01Kosher Deli ConsternationsText
Aug 25The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel (P.S.)Text
Aug 15Foreskin's LamentText
Aug 01The showerText
Jul 22Rachel's DoodleText
Jul 16The long websiteText
Jul 06Liver-Spotted VoyeurismText
Jun 30Bicycles for the DooliesText
Jun 19Three-winged birdText
Jun 09JK Rowling's Commencement SpeechText
Jun 08Doolies's Birthday!Text
Jun 01Horribles FightText
May 12Slow news weekText
May 05Who says you can't learn something from video games?Text
May 01Giving in to the massesText
Apr 29Beautiful ValleysText
Apr 15Move Status ReportText
Apr 11Official Move-in DayText
Apr 08Furniture Move-in dayText
Mar 31We closed!Text
Mar 15Dr. Julie Hsieh's WebsiteText
Mar 04Science Fiction NovelsText
Feb 14The TP'd HouseText
Feb 05Daily Honeymoon Photo AlbumsText
Feb 05The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A MemoirText
Feb 04You Suck: A Love StoryText
Jan 28Big and scary wavesText
Jan 27Garbage SeaText
Jan 25Hiking up the giantText
Jan 24Relax the DayText
Jan 23Potholed RoadsText
Jan 22SNUBA and rocksText
Jan 21New days and light rainText
Jan 21ArrivalText
Jan 17ButtonText
Jan 15Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtText
Jan 14Amulet, Book One: The StonekeeperText
Jan 02Weather DoodlesText
Jan 01I need enjoyment againText
Dec 31NAIS is alive!Text
Dec 30The grass isn't nearly that greenText
Dec 28MySQL BuddiesText
Dec 16Over-thought SolutionsText
Dec 14NAIS NotesText
Dec 06Painfully regular expressionsText
Dec 05Python is awfully temptingText
Dec 03It’s a permalink, stupidText
Nov 30To Flickr or not to FlickrText
Nov 29Flickr and other useful toolsText
Nov 29Overly Complicated URLsText
Nov 29Database, ShmatabaseText
Nov 27Internet Sharing on the AT&T Q9Text
Nov 26Nanowrimo Day 26Text
Nov 24Nanowrimo Day 23Text
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Text
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Text
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo Day 5Text
Nov 04Nanowrimo Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo Day 1Text
Oct 28Five Writing StrengthsText
Aug 27Harry Potter ManiaText
Aug 21Each day doesn't mean what you think it meansText
Aug 20Short Consternated BattlesText
Aug 17Just start writing again. Please!Text
Jul 18Cast of Horribles is ALIVE!Text
Jun 26Married!Text
Jun 20The downfall of the humansText
Jun 19The ruin of vanilla ice creamText
Jun 18She’s a stone’s throw awayText
Jun 17Scary first stepsText
Jun 08Boston with the DooliesText
May 27Dr. Julie Show website part 2Text
May 22A white-water bachelor partyText
May 17Pre-month JittersText
Apr 24Past nightsText
Apr 18The Gym GoesText
Apr 17Small StatureText
Apr 16Roped entryText
Apr 15Two shots and twenty minutesText
Apr 10Second day bluesText
Apr 09Serious LifeText
Mar 21Wonder DrugsText
Mar 15Rubbish Draft 1Text
Mar 15Fictional StrangenessText
Mar 14Tiny, tiny baby stepsText
Mar 06Wedding WebsiteText
Feb 23Gorged on MediaText
Feb 21Progress, ShmogressText
Feb 13The OntologistText
Feb 09Casting the horriblesText
Feb 08Turning off the tubesText
Feb 07Mushy ideasText
Feb 06Machine - notes 1Text
Feb 06Prodigy piano playerText
Feb 05Grandma's GoodbyeText
Feb 05Machine - draft 1Text
Feb 05Scanning PhotosText
Feb 04Grandmother MollyText
Feb 03Mimes they were notText
Feb 01Consistent Tomfoolery Text
Jan 31The Big Red PhoneText
Jan 31Returned ServeText
Jan 30Apocalyptic dreamsText
Jan 29The Red Phone - draft 5Text
Jan 29The story's last legsText
Jan 28The Red Phone - draft 4Text
Jan 28Doolies's Home ImprovementText
Jan 26Doolies returns to a changed DavidText
Jan 25The Red Phone - draft 4Text
Jan 25Return of the Snowman (and the Doolies!)Text
Jan 24The Red Phone - draft 3Text
Jan 24Recording wet thoughtsText
Jan 23The Red Phone - Draft 2Text
Jan 23Diagnosis: squiggly depressionText
Jan 22Extension withdrawalText
Jan 21It’s another lonely SundayText
Jan 20Jewish Essay - draftText
Jan 20Blue skies and green treesText
Jan 19The perfect steakText
Jan 18Quiet placeholdersText
Jan 17The Red Phone - draft 1Text
Jan 17Cellphone CrackText
Jan 16On gray-matter achesText
Jan 15Exhibit A: Brain deteriorationText
Jan 14Criticize Away!Text
Jan 14Growing GenerationallyText
Jan 13Growing GenerationallyText
Jan 13Snow HeroesText
Jan 12Bad news for my dedicated reader(s)Text
Jan 11Lamenting PierogiesText
Jan 10Snow TiresText
Jan 09Muddy ruts lined with cereal leavingsText
Jan 08New Baby DavidsText
Jan 08I used to write for me, now I write for others. I changed when I realized other people existed.Text
Jan 08Friendship TestText
Jan 08Headlines that break across my nogginText
Jan 07Home Improve to ConsternationsText
Jan 06Overheard by Late Comers to a Dinner PartyText
Jan 06Don’t consternate, don’t consternateText
Jan 06Bunnies and TrucksText
Jan 05Don’t hate me because I’m talented with HTMLText
Jan 04Foundational Jewish TeachingsText
Jan 04Big Jewish Principles that I didn't get around to finishing todayText
Jan 033-Hour JetlagText
Jan 03Silfkin's Challenge - IntroductionText
Jan 02Filter? I don't need no stinking filter!Text
Jan 02On Being a DinosaurText
Jan 01Faux ResolutionsText
Jan 01The meaningless control of even more meaningless wordsText
Dec 31Happy New Years!Text
Dec 30Monster AtticsText
Dec 29Flying 'QuilsText
Dec 29Cat sat on the matText
Dec 28The clouds judge as they fly byText
Dec 28Dreamy End of YearText
Dec 27Take nothing and make nothing pieText
Dec 26On pithy notes that don't say very muchText
Dec 25Who needs slowly typed words to meet Goal?Text
Dec 24Coughing and CavetchingText
Dec 24Failed ExperimentsText
Dec 23NoText
Dec 22Sickening pushText
Dec 22Go on without meText
Dec 21Spaced BarsText
Dec 202006-1973=33Text
Dec 20Super PowersText
Dec 19Affirmative passwordsText
Dec 19Dialogue that goes nowhere and gets there very slowlyText
Dec 18There it is againText
Dec 17Timely ScribblesText
Dec 16Electricity but no internetText
Dec 16Eating Alone - Part IText
Dec 15Airport sittingsText
Dec 15Writing DirectionsText
Dec 15PowerlessText
Dec 14Long drive homeText
Dec 14Terrible IdeaText
Dec 14Jewels of IgnoranceText
Dec 13Snooze-button time
Dec 12Another day of high hopes Text
Dec 12Derivative Crap IdeasText
Dec 11Sickly PokerText
Dec 10Silver MenorahsText
Dec 09Coffee musingsText
Dec 08SynopsesText
Dec 08The Safety Movie - SynopsisText
Dec 07The Noise - Part 2Text
Dec 06Too many words left todayText
Dec 06BeautyText
Dec 05The NoiseText
Dec 04Getting here from thereText
Dec 04Different decisions different choicesText
Dec 03Wooden FloorsText
Dec 02Tiny KeyboardsText
Dec 01Sleep's EnvyText
Dec 01The Lone RangerText
Nov 30Wormy BrainsText
Nov 29If Only I Pounded Story CrudText
Nov 28Snowy WishesText
Nov 27Unnamed Photography Draft 1Text
Nov 27Wired NightsText
Nov 26Mixing Beer with Karaoke is DangerousText
Nov 25Another day, another one thousand wordsText
Nov 24The Wedding Photo ShopText
Nov 24Finished Lines and ForksText
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Text
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Text
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Text
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo Day 5Text
Nov 04Nanowrimo Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo Day 1Text
Oct 23Marathon RamblingsText
Oct 15It's about damn timeText
Oct 15Real Dogs Don't TalkText
Oct 14Notes on Talking DogsText
Sep 14Bolted Monster Text
Sep 01The Spark of a Talking DogText
Aug 30Touching up old photosText
Aug 29Little BitesText
Aug 28Deflated InspirationsText
Aug 23ZeldaText
Aug 22Hotdog PromisesText
Aug 17Mindless MutteringsText
Aug 07Animals v.1Text
Aug 07FakerText
Aug 01Camp SagamoreText
Jul 30Bright Red ThighsText
Jul 27Alice, Meet MoonText
Jul 24Creatures of the WallText
Jul 23Cushy ChairsText
Jul 18Muddy Tracks in the RugText
Jul 16Consternated Nothingness'ingText
Jun 27Left Lane HogsText
Jun 04Transcriptions of a Jewish Convers(at)ionText
May 29Keep that chin upText
May 29Mystery BrunchText
May 07It's Done!Text
May 07The Killton Academy for the InsaneText
Apr 30Asylum DraftText
Apr 30Banana Non-StoriesText
Apr 27Doolies's Fish TankText
Apr 23Musings on a NapkinText
Apr 23Festering DialoguesText
Apr 17Zombie-Powered BrainsText
Apr 16MoonText
Apr 15Cloudy TreeText
Apr 14Brief ScuttleText
Apr 05FishiesText
Apr 05Bricks of ConsternationText
Apr 04Morning WatersText
Apr 03I Wish You Were Not HereText
Apr 03Stalking the WordsText
Apr 02Worm and BallText
Apr 02Anteater MonsterText
Mar 29Sun's EagleText
Mar 29Gym GoingsText
Mar 29Hidden BeautyText
Mar 28Island TreeText
Mar 28SwanText
Mar 27Rooster the MonsterText
Mar 27Monster in BoatText
Mar 26Sea MonsterText
Mar 26What I thought it meant to be an artistText
Mar 26Detective Milkshake (Very Rough First Draft)Text
Mar 26Ping Pong EntryText
Mar 21Talk to the arm!Text
Mar 20I hate that you always tell me what to doText
Mar 20Plane ScribblesText
Mar 20Pong ConsternationsText
Mar 16Present MonsterText
Mar 15Vacuum NoseText
Mar 15The Beeping DeadText
Mar 14BucktoothText
Mar 13Problems from aboveText
Mar 13Indecisive steadinessText
Mar 12Eyes AwalkingText
Mar 12PlaneyText
Mar 06It's been too longText
Feb 27Korea Trip ExplainedText
Feb 20Off to KoreaText
Feb 20PhotoshootText
Feb 19Stupid Lazy PassportsText
Feb 15Mmm...Ice CreamText
Feb 15More in a long line of boring, depressed drivel, where the title is longer than the contentText
Feb 13Wasted EffortsText
Feb 09Nothings GoingsText
Feb 06SleeplessnessText
Feb 03Conversion to JudaismText
Feb 01Researching SurrenderText
Jan 24No reason to wait no moreText
Jan 17Experiment in AsidesText
Jan 17Insensitive ClodText
Jan 16Transcriptions of a Jewish Convers(at)ion - DraftText
Jan 12SGGBY ResponseText
Jan 10Cocktail Party EssaysText
Jan 04PWAText
Jan 03Writing Truths I Never Knew (But Hopefully Intuited), Which Are Obvious and In Need of WatchingText
Jan 02On LanguageText
Dec 31Doolies's Jewish EssayText
Dec 29Doug LetterText
Dec 29DFW EssayText
Dec 27Starry WatercolorText
Dec 26Jewish EssayText
Dec 26Service IndustryText
Dec 26Fatty TowelText
Dec 25Drunk on AirplaneText
Dec 19Eyed MonsterText
Dec 19Swimming TurtleText
Dec 18Scribble the Random SamplingsText
Dec 18UnicornText
Dec 18Lady in SceneText
Dec 17Headache ManText
Dec 16Tendrils of SmokeText
Dec 16Chew the CigarText
Dec 15WitchText
Dec 15PunkerText
Dec 15Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon . . . What was that?Text
Dec 15Piles of NothingsText
Dec 14DancerText
Dec 10Cutout HeadText
Dec 10DragonText
Dec 10Something beautifulText
Dec 09Empath ConnectionsText
Dec 07The Empath – initial ideasText
Dec 01Steaming PileText
Nov 29Nanowrimo Day 24Text
Nov 23Nanowrimo Day 23Text
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Text
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Text
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Text
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo Day 5Text
Nov 04Nanowrimo Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo Day 1Text
Oct 29DooliesMarriesDavid.comText
Oct 24The Calm Before the Marathon (Nanowrimo)Text
Oct 20Act I: The Wedding PlansText
Oct 20Hobbled RabbitsText
Oct 17RunText
Oct 13Fast BreadsText
Oct 11500 Good WordsText
Oct 11Serial Radio (Confrontation)Text
Oct 10Retouched Old PhotosText
Oct 09Bitter StrugglesText
Oct 08Movied ramblingsText
Oct 07Waiting for the best of thingsText
Oct 06Fossil leavesText
Oct 06WordcountText
Oct 05Unexpected and Wonderful (again)Text
Oct 04Putter downer of wordsText
Oct 04Shake Your HeadText
Sep 30San FranciscoText
Sep 30LowText
Sep 25Delayed ConsternationsText
Sep 19Streaking StormsText
Sep 17Late-Stage WithdrawalText
Sep 15Holy DentistText
Sep 13Droopy daysText
Sep 12Video-Game-Free DayText
Sep 11Something I should have done long agoText
Sep 08Moleskine IdealsText
Sep 06SearchingText
Sep 05The Stages of DenialText
Sep 05BarbequesText
Aug 26Beautiful SleepText
Aug 24Gap-Tooth WaitersText
Aug 24CrikesText
Aug 24Where's the Doolies?Text
Aug 24Sleeping FitsText
Aug 21Nonsense Masquerading as NonsenseText
Aug 16Senseless RamblingsText
Aug 12Green JeansText
Aug 10CrispnessText
Aug 07Lonely EatingText
Jul 29Bad DaysText
Jul 27More Bad DialogueText
Jul 25Too Clever It's AnnoyingText
Jul 24PartnersText
Jul 23TetrisText
Jul 22It's Been Too LongText
Jul 22Ain’t hero fantasies the best?Text
Jul 22RandomnessText
Jul 20Lipstick RoombaText
Jul 19Resting on LaurelsText
Jul 17CampsText
Jul 16Too. Many. Words.Text
Jul 15Attention BreaksText
Jul 13Senseless RaisinsText
Jul 12Rest: Evil StudiesText
Jul 12LostText
Jul 07Chocolate TwirlsText
Jul 05Heads ApoundingText
Jul 05Evil StudiesText
Jul 04Lots of 'splosionsText
Jul 04Old People's DanceText
Jul 03Kicked in the PantsText
Jul 03Monkeys in a BarrelText
Jul 02Oil ChangesText
Jun 30Almost Writing AgainText
Jun 30Arm-Distance PhotographText
Jun 28Random TidbitsText
Jun 27Keep it SimpleText
Jun 25I am not a Lit. Major
Jun 24Caffeine-Free TidingsText
Jun 23Millions of SoldiersText
Jun 22Painful BusinessesText
Jun 22Hell of a Guy (plus other fragments)Text
Jun 21Creatures Living in my RoofText
Jun 21Writing AffirmationsText
Jun 20Painter KidText
Jun 20Four WordsText
Jun 18Jerky FingersText
Jun 17Green-Haired MonsterText
Jun 17Distractions and Excuses (again)Text
Jun 17Consternated OutliningText
Jun 15More than just picturesText
Jun 15Grape-Drinking SpidersText
Jun 15Engagement Story (notes and planning)Text
Jun 15The Sizing ProblemText
Jun 15Excuses, excusesText
Jun 13Sneaky spidersText
Jun 13Writing as processText
Jun 12The Engagement Through Doolies’s Eyes (written by Doolies)Text
Jun 12Two-thousand splitText
Jun 11Flights and FragmentsText
Jun 10Three PoisonsText
Jun 09Triangular FoodsText
Jun 09Conveying Emotions (crappy notes)Text
Jun 08Melting MuseumsText
Jun 08Insomniac AddendumText
Jun 08EngagementText
Jun 07Temporary answers Text
Jun 06Forced Star Wars WordsText
Jun 06Scattered Batman DreamText
Jun 05Groping Distractions and Sleeping Through BarbequesText
Jun 04The Ultimate in Written Diarrhea (Goals and goal)Text
Jun 03Speedy TypistText
Jun 03Morbid IllusionsText
Jun 02Cold ShiversText
Jun 01George Who? (unfinished rewrite)Text
Jun 01George's TomfooleryText
May 31FarsesText
May 31The Wife and The HusbandText
May 30Bat BullshitText
May 30Sandra's EarsText
May 29So Much StretchingText
May 28Bill's ReportText
May 28Finger PainsText
May 28Television SpotText
May 27Last minute distractionsText
May 25Sister's BabblingText
May 25Why I Hate My SisterText
May 24Sleep Aides and SkitsText
May 23Goals, goals, goalsText
May 22HardhatsText
May 20Excuses, excusesText
May 20More GeorgesText
May 19George Who?Text
May 19Perspiration or InspirationText
May 18Still AliveText
May 18PresentationText
May 13Wizards and TeaText
May 12PC DayText
May 12The Bully (tiny fragment)Text
May 11Sandy HeadText
May 10PuddlesText
May 09Tough DayText
May 08Floating Yogurt (still Part 1)Text
May 08Exercises, Chapter 1, Sources for FictionText
May 08Planning for SuccessText
May 06MolemanText
May 04Sword GuyText
May 04Pickup SticksText
May 03MiddlesText
May 01Flying Yogurt (Part 1)Text
May 01Pepper greenText
May 01ApartmentText
Apr 29Cast of HorriblesText
Apr 27Excuses, excusesText
Apr 27The Lazy Man (part 1)Text
Apr 25New BikeText
Apr 24Sour YogurtText
Apr 24To be a better writerText
Apr 21Balloon RidesText
Apr 20WOW AddictsText
Apr 18Monkey BooksText
Apr 16Summer ConsternationsText
Apr 15Brink of WordsText
Apr 15Give MeText
Apr 14Empty MorningsText
Apr 14Abu and TaraText
Apr 12GrandparentsText
Apr 12PinknessText
Apr 11Strangled ThoughtsText
Apr 10Meditation StoryText
Apr 10More crapText
Apr 09WallingfordText
Apr 09Mystery BarText
Apr 09FearsText
Apr 09Such nonsenseText
Apr 07Sneaky ThursdaysText
Apr 07Ugly PeopleText
Apr 07Design ShoppingText
Apr 06Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don'tText
Apr 06Coffee LocatorText
Apr 05BeautifulText
Apr 05Melodrama suits you wellText
Apr 05Talk about monkey's typingText
Apr 05ShavingText
Apr 03Learned Gifts (second draft)Text
Apr 03Moping CastlesText
Apr 02In Re LethemText
Mar 31Learned GiftsText
Mar 31Low EnergiesText
Mar 30ZonkedText
Mar 30Rejecting ChocolateText
Mar 29wringinghair.com (rewrite part 1)Text
Mar 29Leaky BananasText
Mar 28Older WritingsText
Mar 28Inner TurmoilText
Mar 28Golden SpecksText
Mar 28Manifesto of Dedication, a.k.a. The Quest for the Page of CupsText
Mar 28Awful ThingText
Mar 26ChakrasText
Mar 25Drained WordsText
Mar 25Lying AntsText
Mar 23Ant-Free DayText
Mar 22SubwayText
Mar 21Mucus-Filled GourdsText
Mar 20Annie's FatherText
Mar 20Overrated David TimeText
Mar 19Wailing Baby (character thoughts)Text
Mar 19Edge of SicknessText
Mar 18Sleepy RecoveryText
Mar 16Wailing Baby (unfinished--really this time)Text
Mar 16Mistimed FlightsText
Mar 15I (Heart) NYText
Mar 15Cotton-Candy PillowsText
Mar 14Home from China (barely started)Text
Mar 14Forcing myself to writeText
Mar 14Please Fall Asleep!Text
Mar 13The Leading ManText
Mar 13Late-Night CoffeeText
Mar 12Shallow MemoriesText
Mar 12AusterlitzText
Mar 12Senseless FlightsText
Mar 10Aunts and TripsText
Mar 09Anxious AntsText
Mar 08Vacant GoblinsText
Mar 07BaristaText
Mar 06Sickly RetreatsText
Mar 04Seat WarsText
Mar 04Tall Thin ManText
Mar 03Misplaced ThoughtText
Mar 03Bug Hunt ReportText
Mar 02Itchy pantsText
Mar 02DroolsText
Mar 01SpaldingText
Feb 28Server stands upText
Feb 28Thoughts for the return trip homeText
Feb 28Rock star ramblingsText
Feb 27Art GroupieText
Feb 26Server go PoofyText
Feb 26Horsie MuseumText
Feb 26Poor LisaText
Feb 25Eiffel TowerText
Feb 24Paris MorningsText
Feb 24Broken commentsText
Feb 24Paris ArrivalText
Feb 23Measured ingredientsText
Feb 22Frosted GrassText
Feb 21Heroic BanterText
Feb 20So Long LottieText
Feb 20Redesign: Cornflower BlueText
Feb 19RumblingsText
Feb 18AbstractionText
Feb 17Ending RamblingsText
Feb 16Works of FireText
Feb 16Works of FireText
Feb 15Rainbow MonsterText
Feb 15BoiseText
Feb 14Underwater MonsterText
Feb 14Eyeball MonsterText
Feb 14Noises at WorkText
Feb 13Consternated is not a three-letter wordText
Feb 12Silly GirlText
Feb 12It's Never GoodText
Feb 11Holey ShoesText
Feb 10Fun with small wordsText
Feb 09Ramblings on LucilleText
Feb 08Salad DreamsText
Feb 07Ramblings on Magic BulletsText
Feb 06The MusinatorText
Feb 05Greasy Memory CardsText
Feb 04Storming Brains--Not Getting WetText
Feb 03Phones that are smarter than youText
Feb 02Bored to TearsText
Feb 01Horned DuckText
Feb 01Painted FishText
Jan 31Lucille ShavingsText
Jan 30Superficial ClevernessText
Jan 29Lucille & NotesText
Jan 28Snappy GreenstalkText
Jan 27Cheap PokesText
Jan 26PSS LucilleText
Jan 25Conspiracy to Keep Me DownText
Jan 24To Be an AstrophysicistText
Jan 23Snow Falling in the OceanText
Jan 22Snow PainsText
Jan 21The Weather Outside is DreadfulText
Jan 20Shaving SnowText
Jan 19Sacrificial Lamb: character sketches and synopsisText
Jan 18Beautiful NeighborhoodText
Jan 17Literary BlueballerText
Jan 16Sacrificial LambText
Jan 15A Baseball Bat Named JohnText
Jan 14Reading is FundamentalText
Jan 13CF w/no IT to crank TO b/c of WOW b/n DVD or HCPText
Jan 12The Last Great IdeaText
Jan 11Herbert and the BankText
Jan 10Senseless DistractionsText
Jan 09Frozen CastleText
Jan 08Flintstones Aren’t Just for Kids AnymoreText
Jan 07Today's Theme: Dead ConventionsText
Jan 06Snow DayText
Jan 05Brackled BackeriesText
Jan 04If only I Finished a ThoughtText
Jan 03Loops in the ParkText
Jan 02Broken GlassText
Jan 01CompassesText
Dec 31He’s FaultText
Dec 31Double-Dipped MemoriesText
Dec 31Whale Riding on New Year's EveText
Dec 30Jetlagged BearText
Dec 29The Shopvac IncidentText
Dec 28Gravel ShovelingText
Dec 27wringinghair.comText
Dec 26Too Much TravelingText
Dec 25World-Wind TouringText
Dec 24Drunken ChickenText
Dec 23Food, Glorious FoodText
Dec 22Happy Second-Day Birthday to Me!Text
Dec 21Call Me MakahalaText
Dec 20Kung-Fu MonksText
Dec 19Thy Sleepethless NightText
Dec 18Stolen SaturdayText
Dec 17Days of TravelText
Dec 16Anxious TravelerText
Dec 15Short Addicted EntryText
Dec 14Traveling PenText
Dec 13Mudville DistractionsText
Dec 12Infinite WellText
Dec 11Broken ClocksText
Dec 10Two and ElevenText
Dec 09Lickety FiresText
Dec 08Inane CacklingText
Dec 07The Flying Toe StompText
Dec 07Ball Rolling (updated)Text
Dec 06The ZipperText
Dec 05Crossbows and TFTS PlanningText
Dec 04Key to Overcoming Distraction is SufferingText
Dec 03Columbia City and Me-TimeText
Dec 02Headaches and EditingText
Dec 01Finally, a flying toe stompText
Nov 30Ending my most prolific month...everText
Nov 29FireplacesText
Nov 28Even Kids Find Him StrangeText
Nov 27The Flying Toe StompText
Nov 26Ice Picks of InspirationText
Nov 25More SketchesText
Nov 24Now I can Write Anything (Updated)Text
Nov 23Nanowrimo Day 23 (And Now, With Added Long-Winded Musing)Text
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Text
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Text
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Text
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Text
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Text
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Text
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Text
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Text
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Text
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Text
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Text
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Text
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Text
Nov 09Nanowrimo Day 9Text
Nov 08Nanowrimo Day 8Text
Nov 07Nanowrimo Day 7Text
Nov 06Nanowrimo Day 6Text
Nov 05Nanowrimo Day 5Text
Nov 04Nanowrimo Day 4Text
Nov 03Nanowrimo Day 3Text
Nov 02Nanowrimo Day 2Text
Nov 01Nanowrimo Day 1Text
Oct 31Last Story before NanowrimoText
Oct 30Spider's DialogueText
Oct 29The ClockmanText
Oct 28More Fictional RamblingsText
Oct 27Radio Shack StoriesText
Oct 26Nothing but DullnessText
Oct 25Voice RecordingsText
Oct 248 Days LeftText
Oct 23Skinnier NarratorText
Oct 22Muddy GolfingText
Oct 21Stretching the Muscles and Story DecisionsText
Oct 20Mucking through Deep ShitText
Oct 19Scary People from the PastText
Oct 17Dreaming of November Contests (and probably lying to myself)Text
Oct 14Righteous Continuation of More-Pugs, and Then NotText
Oct 13More-pug CribsText
Oct 07Caffeinated FishText
Oct 05Spaghetti ThoughtsText
Sep 30I'm Back!Text
Sep 26Crumpled WritingText
Sep 23TumbleweedsText
Sep 18MusesText
Sep 15Move-In DayText
Sep 06Slow WritingText
Sep 01Saying LittleText
Aug 28Questions for the Fatigue-Soaked MindText
Aug 23Building Tunnels Under the SandText
Aug 13New House!Text
Aug 11Cardboard HeadachesText
Aug 05Cleaning Lady, Exit Stage LeftText
Jul 25Snippets of a New Yorker Dragged Against His Will to Houston (Part I)Text
Jul 20DialoguesText
Jul 19rusty skill setsText
Jul 16brain divotsText
Jul 14Seattle MoveText
Jul 13Late ArtistsText
Jul 10Wise Words and Random ThoughtsText
Jul 08wah i neeText
Jul 07AntisocialText
Jul 05The Pink Sweater (unfinished first draft)Text
Jul 03Just the Pink Sweater Story SynopsisText
Jul 01Faces of LazinessText
Jun 292 week deadlinesText
Jun 28Moleskine 1 DoneText
Jun 26Philosophy of DesignText
Jun 18long-winded storyText
Jun 17SparklyText
Jun 15birdText
Jun 15ogreText
Jun 13Cy TwomblyText
Jun 09Salesman in Coffee ShopText
Jun 08The Fire-Breathing TermiteText
Jun 08Inner VampiresText
Jun 08The Fire-Breathing TermiteText
Jun 06DFW rulesText
Jun 04Worm VeinsText
Jun 01No RegretsText
May 31Monster Escape (incomplete, first draft)Text
May 27The Fire-Breathing Termite (complete, second draft)Text
May 26Job DialogueText
May 25(non-pathetic) rewrite of first part of termitesText
May 22Good SisterText
May 20Delivery DreamText
May 18pathetic termitesText
May 17Post-Coital RegretsText
May 16The Fire-Breathing Termite (first part)Text
May 15Sounding like a SaturdayText
May 14Waiting for That (Job) CallText
May 08Michael ChabonText
May 079 NovelsText
May 05generation gapText
May 03the demon CarlText
Apr 29More ComplainingText
Apr 27Dreams about What We're AfterText
Apr 26moleskines and audiencesText
Apr 25Blue BikiniText
Apr 18purposes and notes on responsibilityText
Apr 15random thoughts for tax dayText
Apr 11accepting boredomText
Apr 07mean peopleText
Apr 05changes in directionText
Apr 02emotional writingText
Mar 28writing for meText
Mar 27wells of ideasText
Mar 19bitter reflectionsText
Mar 13sketched out on a padText
Mar 03headaches and awfulnessText
Feb 29termitesText
Feb 20moodsText
Feb 1690th birthdays and Stephen King's writingsText
Feb 05more outline: a monster storyText
Feb 04more story planning: lost monsterText
Feb 02mall story outlineText
Jan 27bum story fragmentText
Jan 26holy spellchecker, batmanText
Jan 24spilt coffeeText
Jan 17Robert JordanText
Jan 15coffee, coffee, coffeeText
Jan 14restaurantsText
Jan 13empty lifeText
Jan 12truly stupid thoughtsText
Jan 09monkeysText
Jan 08circus story (outline)Text
Jan 06constipated feelings and blind datesText
Jan 04toys and selfishnessText
Jan 01circus storyText
Dec 31New Years without consternation!Text
Dec 30monsters storyText
Dec 25what to post in musingsText
Dec 21birthdayText
Dec 19Of Time Spent Away From YouText
Dec 18website designText
Nov 25consternated musingText
Nov 24submitted graduate school essayText
Nov 20TolkienText
Nov 06work complaintsText
Nov 01draft graduate admission essayText
Oct 12jack of many tradesText
Oct 11on emotionsText
Oct 09Columbus and the Discovery of AmericaText
Oct 06television and decisionsText
Oct 01Grelko the Giant Slays a MouseText
Sep 16inspiration and writingText
Sep 01work decisionsText
Aug 29doug firedText
Aug 11fantasy writingText
Aug 04Chair #2,458Text
Jun 30notes on NYer verse Texas bowlersText
Jun 29rejectionText
Jun 26self-employmentText
Jun 25epitome of consternated writingsText
Jun 19get to itText
Jun 18loud neighbors synopsisText
Jun 17hawaii vacation, hikingText
Jun 15hawaii vacation, cliff divingText
Jun 14hawaii, travellingText
Jun 08Untitled PoemText
Jun 062002 Journal ReviewText
Jun 02story: immortality pillText
Jun 01Loud NeighborsText
Jun 01story: immortality pill (outline)Text
May 01Parallel Universes - Not just a staple of science fiction, other universes are directText
Jan 01Zaida's StarsText
Dec 01MatchText
Oct 10story: the programmerText
Oct 08story: the programmer (outline)Text
Aug 11story fragment: hotel roomText
Aug 10story: the programmerText
May 08story: prisonText
May 07story: prison (outline)Text
Apr 12Basketball DreamsText
Mar 09life with magic storyText
Mar 03story: sister's college drop-offText
Jan 15story ideasText
Jan 13shannon and my storyText
Dec 26collection of story ideasText
Dec 25what to write aboutText
Jul 24consternation and brother's storyText
Jul 23feelingsText
Jun 21karmanText
Jun 08RachelText
Feb 07chuckText
Sep 08europe: endingsText
Sep 08Growing ManText
Sep 08europe: flight homeText
Sep 07europe: leavingText
Sep 06europe: sitesText
Sep 05europe: doubtsText
Sep 04fate's encounterText
Sep 03europe: expensive reflectionsText
Sep 03europe: pompeiText
Aug 31Mediterranean SeaText
Aug 31europe: connectionsText
Aug 30europe: parks and booksText
Aug 30europe: partheonText
Aug 30europe: touring athensText
Aug 29europe: to athensText
Aug 28europe: relaxingText
Aug 28europe: motor scooting and relaxationText
Aug 26europe: drunksText
Aug 25fire of voicesText
Aug 25europe: ferry to greeceText
Aug 24europe: greg's friendshipText
Aug 23ancient romeText
Aug 23europe: romeText
Aug 22europe: dreadful campText
Aug 22europe: salzburg and munichText
Aug 21star's timeText
Aug 21europe: star warsText
Aug 21europe: viennaText
Aug 19impotent rageText
Aug 19europe: angry split-upText
Aug 18europe: holocaust remembrancesText
Aug 17europe: predictionsText
Aug 17memory of a fallText
Aug 16europe: pragueText
Aug 14europe: hours aloneText
Aug 14market of fleasText
Aug 13europe: france, belgium, amsterdam, oh myText
Aug 11europe: solar eclipseText
Aug 11europe: bathText
Aug 08europe: horseback riding in the highlands of scotlandText
Aug 07europe: sleeping in the carText
Aug 06europe: driving to oxfordText
Aug 04The TubeText
Aug 04europe: AbbeyText
Aug 04europe: london touristsText
Aug 03europe: london towerText
Aug 02europe: london bed & breakfastText
Aug 01FlightText
Aug 01europe: flyingText
Jul 29Untitled PoemText
Jun 22DrivenText
May 30Untitled PoemText
Jan 01OGG's storyText
Jan 13crap about eternityText
Jan 01Virgins and Gnarly Old MenText
Aug 31chuckText
May 02chuckText
Feb 10chuckText
Feb 03saraText
Jan 02Choice of SistersText
Nov 26saraText
Nov 13chuckText
Oct 30law school admission essayText
Oct 17chuckText
Oct 05saraText
Sep 22saraText
Aug 01saraText
Jan 01Death's JesterText
Dec 30griefText
May 19A Song Laid Lost in a ShadowText