Feb 07Explorability ArgumentText
Dec 26Late-Night PhilosophyText
Dec 30Coffee PhilosopherInner Tirade
Dec 28Dorm Room PhilosophyInner Tirade
Dec 21Speed of LifeInner Tirade
Apr 01"A real goal is defined by how you feel after you run out of passion."Cast of Horribles
Jan 13"I read the whole internet every day"Cast of Horribles
Nov 10You have to make your worldCast of Horribles
Mar 05"You can't always be right"Cast of Horribles
Dec 17"Knowing the future and changing the future are two different animals"Cast of Horribles
Oct 07"You need to know you're going to succeed before you start"Cast of Horribles
Jun 25"What you want and what you receive is a matter of will"Cast of Horribles
Apr 17My philosophy is overratedCast of Horribles
Mar 13I like to pretend I have important thoughtsCast of Horribles
Feb 19If you don't do it every day, you forget why you do itCast of Horribles
Dec 02"It's ex nihilo at some point"Cast of Horribles
Nov 25Don't think, don't thinkCast of Horribles
Nov 20"Before I answer I have to show you silence"Cast of Horribles
Oct 21"Life is about connecting with the infinite"Cast of Horribles
Oct 10"If I know what you're going to say, do I really have to listen?"Cast of Horribles
Sep 10Moonlight always seems to have answersCast of Horribles
Sep 09"It's liberating to speak and know you have no audience"Cast of Horribles
Sep 04"Many times you didn't know you had a choice until after you chose"Cast of Horribles
Jun 26Never mistake lack of attention for lack of interestCast of Horribles
Jun 20Falling closer is no different than drifting awayCast of Horribles
Jun 14Emptiness is the bastion for new ideasCast of Horribles
Jun 03If I only knew now what I'll know thenCast of Horribles
May 03Creation is a state of mind over an extended periodCast of Horribles
Feb 09"This is it, this is life"Cast of Horribles
Jan 31Coffee provides a false sense of philosophyCast of Horribles
Dec 15Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon . . . What was that?Text
Mar 26ChakrasText
Mar 09Anxious AntsText
Mar 04Tall Thin ManText
Mar 02DroolsText
Oct 13More-pug CribsText
Jun 26Philosophy of DesignText
Jun 18long-winded storyText
May 05generation gapText
Apr 18purposes and notes on responsibilityText
Apr 15random thoughts for tax dayText
Apr 11accepting boredomText
Apr 07mean peopleText
Mar 27wells of ideasText
Feb 20moodsText
Jan 13empty lifeText
Jan 06constipated feelings and blind datesText
Oct 11on emotionsText
Oct 09Columbus and the Discovery of AmericaText
May 01Parallel Universes - Not just a staple of science fiction, other universes are directText
Jul 23feelingsText
Jan 13crap about eternityText
Dec 30griefText