2012 Redo

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It’s finally here. After weeks of tinkering and late nights, I bring to you the new and improved sewcrates.com! Notice the fancy new title bar! the plethora of photographs and mosaics on the home page! the super large thumbnails! the, the, umm . . . . It’s difficult to think that after all this effort, all I have to show for it are larger photographs, a blue bar, and a sparkly slideshow button.

Like my many other website redesigns, the decision to freshen up the place after two years occurred in the spur of a moment. That spur (which was sharp indeed) resulted in too many hours of work, aggravation, and finally acceptance, where I admit that this is the best I can do until next time. I’ll continue to tweak it over the next few weeks as I discover bugs and issues, so let me know if you find any or if you have any feedback.

I did have an ulterior motive for reworking my website: since I stopped doodling (my last comic did not have the staying power of the Cast of Horribles), I haven’t done much creating. In particular I miss pushing words. While I enjoyed doodling, there was something about the pain of writing that resulted in a warm feel of accomplishment.

This is not a promise that you’ll see more words here. This is merely a hope that a fresh coat of paint will inspire me to cover the walls in new patterns.

Here’s to ideals.