Saturday, January 26, 2013

We’re home after a sushi dinner with the whole family—if you count Dinosaur who slept in the car seat. He’s at a great age to bring to restaurants. Tiger, on the other hand, needs to be entertained. She was a good eater today and tried roe (fish eggs). She described them as bubbles and ate almost an entire sushi.

Naginata was good as well. My arms were sore from Thursday and now my legs join my arms. But it’s good to exercise more than once a week again. Hopefully this will whip me into shape.

I still haven’t finished my comic. I have three perfectly fine panels drawn with no bubbles or words. This drawing without planning strategy has not yet worked out.

I spent more time drawing and not much time recording thoughts. I should mix it up occasionally. I still don’t have much to share. But here’s a tidbit. It’s not finished, and it’s not a comic. Hopefully more to come in this collection.