Dinosaur Stuffings

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I’m stuffed with Japanese food. I had hopes of cooking tonight but we never made it to the grocery store. I did rediscover a Jewish cookbook. It has a bunch of soups, and seeing as next week will be colder, I thought it would be a good time to try out: cabbage or split pea with flanken, or an Italian bean wedding soup. All sound yummy. Since most of them are multi-day affairs, this may not happen, but it’s what I did spend a bunch of time thinking about cooking, which is always the first step.

It felt like a busy day again today, but looking back all we did was go out for lunch and dinner. I guess now days are busier in different ways.

My home desk is a mess. It’s past time for cleaning. I brought that up since I went searching for my pen to draw a Horrible, and couldn’t find it. Ah! There it is, hidden behind the monitor. Dinosaur is making dinosaur noises again. Dinosaurs sound like a good subject for today’s Horrible.

My dinosaur drawing skills have not improved since the last two times. I really need a better dinosaur.