Each day doesn't mean what you think it means

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I’m back. I don’t know why or what I will say, but I’ve returned, and I will each day[1] to say something. And this won’t be a doodle something or a painless something. On Horribles, I work hard to ensure that my words (both title and explanation) are short, clean, and of value in some small way. I rip away the consternations and asides, and leave only words that project movement. I do not make those guarantees here. This site is about me saying something, not about me saying something valuable. Why I think it’s useful to clear this up is above and beyond me. Like that space show that they cancelled. I hate the theys. They always make the world worse—except when they make it better through their concerted efforts.

[1] “Each day” does not mean what you think it means. I will stick to a schedule, but it may not be an everyday schedule. I will set stringent scheduling criteria, which, if met, will result in writing. Writing and posting, as you know, are two separate beasts. I won’t edit myself, but I may not post for hopes of further developing my thoughts. I also know that when I force something everyday (something I can and have done: look to Novembers), I tend to burn out. It takes only one day to fall off the wagon. Once off, it’s difficult to climb back on. It’s better to accept failure early than hold my breath until it happens. To continue to belabor the point: once I run out of breath, it sometimes takes me month to remember how to hold it again.

Fatigue sets in. A few lines down from this paragraph are lines of an actual story. Not a good story, of course, but words that start a story and even provide direction. Let’s see if I can continue it tomorrow.