George's Tomfoolery

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

“On my desk is a stack of papers. Each paper contains one unfinished project. Most I worked on for less than a day before I put them aside. I always meant to get back to them, but the next project found me, and off I went, until I put that one aside. I’m always impressed when I look through my work. I mean, who isn’t impressed by their own work? Who cares that I never get around to finishing any of the work. The important part is I apply my creative self to the project, and get it off the ground. I have so many great ideas that’s it’s impossible to finish them all before another one begs to escape.”

Such tomfoolery. I decided to sit down and edit something I wrote. I didn’t move the story forward very far, but I did at least give it a direction. I’m hoping to return to it soon and continue it. Hope is such a nice four-letter word.

Synopsis: Story of Georges through the years; each paragraph shares a different, random point in his life. There needs to be an underlying theme, something that ties everything together. Woman. The woman in George’s life: his mother, his teacher, his sister, his girlfriend/wife, sister, his daughter. What did they do for him? They supported him at the toughest times. Okay. What happens to George? He grows old and loses his memories, they disappear one by one. These are the last to go.

I still haven’t found the common thread, and I have no idea where I’m going with the story. But I did add a few words to it, and push myself toward the 2,000 word goal. Until tomorrow. Word count: 2,017. Caffeination: tall mocha.