He calls to me

Thursday, May 15, 2008
He calls to medoodle

The World of Warcraft doodles are here. Don't worry, there are only two. The first one is Zankor, my 30th level Warlock (that probably means something to only two of my readers). I drew these when the addiction pangs grew too strong. It was either doodle my characters, or resubscribe and start playing again. I chose the lesser of the two evils. It's true what they say about addiction: you never truly kick the habit, you only suppress it. Okay, it's probably more true for drugs and alchohol than video games, but the feeling is the same. (I think I spent too much time reading Infinite Jest, with its addiction themes.) After Erik visited, I started going through WoW withdrawal again. We're still resisting, as Doolies doesn't believe we need such addicting games because we're no longer in a long-distance relationship. I think she's in denial.

I've been depressed most of this week (and not the good depression where I write soul-wretching prose). I'm not sure if it's the strange weather, or just that time of the year (or month). I'm hoping with the forecast at 75 degrees and sunny today, things will turn around. If nothing else, the weekend is almost here.