He's at the table

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We went to our new Sunday-night Sushi place. For the first time Dinosaur remained awake. We took him out of his car seat and he spent the dinner on my lap, looking around the place. There were a few older couples and one particularly enjoyed my dancing Dinosaur routine. Yes, I use him as a dancing puppet. There’s nothing wrong with it. Really. The Sushi place was empty for a Sunday night. We try to arrive when it opens at five to guarantee a table. It’s usually packed by six. But then there’s the Superbowl tonight and some people care about things like that.

Lucky for us they showed the Superbowl on the television over the sushi bar. We caught the halftime show and then the blackout. I think the two were related. With that much flashing light and overproduction, things were bound to go wrong. Or so it looked to someone who doesn’t care much about the game or the spectacle.

Doolies is reading Tiger her three bedtime books, and I’m sitting with Dinosaur. He’s in the bouncy kicking his blanket off. After we arrived home he ate four ounces of formula and had a big poo. He was probably awake in the restaurant because he was hungry. He’s usually not that good of an eater or poo-er. Doolies tells me he had gas pains last night and he didn’t have a great sleep. Hopefully that won’t happen again tonight.

My Dear Readers may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. That was not my intention. I felt okay most of the day and decided to go to Naginata yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t a particular taxing class, but I did choose my sparring partner during the start of free practice and ended up expending more energy than was left in my sick-wracked body. I limped home and by evening I had a 102 fever. It passed by morning after an early evening Nyquil and a long sleep. My theory is that I overexerted myself, giving the virus a chance to raise its head and put me down for the evening. No more Naginata for me until I’m truly over it. Not just pretend over it as I’ve been for the last few weeks. I did spend a few hours napping throughout the day. Hopefully that also helped my body recover from this two-week old sickness.

I pulled the musical string for the bouncy. I’m not sure Dinosaur is going to make it much longer before we start our laps around the kitchen island.

The weatherperson again lied to us. Yesterday was supposed to be in the mid-fifties and sunny. Today was supposed to be low-fifties and partly sunny. The sun did not materialize and the rain returned tonight. I guess this is why it’s exciting to be a meteorologist. The last-minute changes in the weather must be fascinating. Although I do wish they’re predictions were a bit better. Then again, if they were, I wouldn’t have an entire paragraph to talk about the weather. That’s me, always the optimist, looking for the bright side of any moon.

I’m drinking my fourth glass of apple juice now.

Okay, back from the break in the action. It looks like the Superbowl blackout improved the game. The 49ers are one touchdown away from making a miraculous, blackout-induced win. Or so it looks with two minutes left in the game. I’m sure I’ll find out in the morning what happened when I read my news sites. I’d rather not find out tonight. It’ll make it that much more exciting to wake up.

We’re working with Tiger on her Ws. She pronounces it like “ahw” now. She frequently says “ahw-ater” for water. She doesn’t purse her lips when she says the letter. She seems to be catching on, and when I drove her around for her naptime (I’ll stop apologizing for my terrible parenting on this point), she was practicing her Ws by herself. She still sometimes forgets, but lucky for her, Doolies and I have good Tiger-translation circuits.

As we were driving to dinner tonight, Tiger replayed a few of our afternoon conversations. She played both parts, telling Tiger to do something, and then agreeing. It was very cute. Although it does make me wonder if we sound like that when we talk to her. If we do we probably need to be less demanding.

Dinosaur has a new carrying position. He likes to be held higher up so he can drape his closer arm over your shoulder. It gives him more control over his head and it’s easier for him to look around and up from that position. He enjoys looking at walls and lights and high ceilings. Not sure what he’s watching but as long as it entertains him.

Doolies is cutting up carrots for Tiger’s lunch tomorrow. I can’t believe it is back to school and work again. It feels like this weekend just started. I guess being sick yesterday did a number on my time consciousness.

I’m looking forward to Tiger losing her afternoon nap. We were talking about starting afternoon activities again, like going to museums and parks. I took a moment to research (or at least look at one website) to see when that will likely happen. I should stop planning. It looks like she’ll likely be napping until she’s four of five. She has a 50% chance of napping at four, and a 30% of napping at five. Given that we’re regimented about it, she’ll likely be one of the three in ten that will be napping when she’s five.

I spent a lot of time talking about the monsters this entry. I guess when I spend all my time with them on the weekends (if we ignore the sickness paragraphs), then it’s not surprising I have no other grand thoughts. I am working my way through a delightful fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson, The Way of the King. It’s difficult not to spend the entire night reading pages. Luckily he writes about different characters each chapter, which makes my decision to put it down easy when I arrive at a less-favorite character.

So that’s really my life: monsters, the Doolies, and my Kindle. Speaking of Kindles, it does do a weird thing that beginning to annoy me. Every so often I’ll press a place on the screen (I haven’t figured out where) and the page will jump to a different section, sometimes ahead a few chapters or back. I haven’t figured out what I’m pressing or why it does that. But it’s happened a number of times on my Kindle Paperwhite. Other than that bug, I’ve enjoyed the upgrade.

I’m sure you’re waiting to hear about the Superbowl winner. That’s not true. You probably already heard of it. I managed not to look at the score when I ran a couple of the searches above. I’ll try to keep it that way as I head to sleepy land tonight. There’s an anime waiting for me before I get there. I’m off to watch it now.