I have to get it out of my system

Monday, August 17, 2009
I have to get it out of my systemdoodle

Ah, I've come full circle. This is a mock-up of a video game I started to design. I worked on for a few months, changing the design significantly. After I had it working I realized that it wasn't fun. The graphics were cute, in that Horrible-y way, but the gameplay was terrible.

We had good 70-degree weather this weekend. We did manage a Wallace Falls hike on our Naginata-free weekend (go PNNF!). My legs are still paying for the five mile hike. The last three miles or so were straight uphill. The climb combined with Doolies's level-6 complaining left me exhausted and headachy yesterday, and achy today. Thankfully I'm on my PHD today.