It's been a long time

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
It's been a long timedoodle

I did a bit of skipping to pull up this doozy. I drew this after my last long break from doodling back in April. I'm finishing up another break because of my computer problems. During the vacation, my new bios chip arrived from the Netherlands, and I plugged it in yesterday and watched as the beautiful bios logo appeared on the screen. I'm back in business.

While I had a good time on my vacation and took lots of photographs, I didn't accomplish much for NEQID: I brought a large stack of books, of which I read half a book; except for a brief doodle on the airplane, I didn't open my computer; which means I also didn't write a word. I did think about writing. That and a can of beans will get me lots of gas.