Kissing Jar

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

After 20 kisses and an hour after her bedtime, the Doolies finally escaped the Tiger’s room. When I asked the Doolies about it, she said, of course she knew that the Tiger was procrastinating sleep, but she also knows that there’ll be a time when the Tiger no longer wants to kiss her, and she wanted to save up tonight’s kisses. It’s hard to argue with that logic.

The rain made a fierce return today. I picked up the Tiger after school and she did not want to get in her car seat until I closed the cover of the sunroof so she wouldn’t get wet.

We made it to our Wednesday night sushi place. It took some fancy maneuvering, as the Doolies worked late. I had to drive home, pick up the monsters, and meet the Doolies at the restaurant. It worked out: the Dinosaur slept through the entire dinner and drive home, and the Tiger ate more food than I did at dinner.

My brains have been elsewhere lately. I hope they return soon. I may have need of them. Or maybe not. I can never tell when they’ll be useful, especially when they’re not here.

The Doolies wants to go watch anime so I'll cut this short.