Naginata Greetings

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here is the list of words that are used for the greetings before and after Naginata practice.

Before practice:

Chakuza (kneel down)

Mokusou (meditate)

Yame (end meditation)

Shomen-ni, Rei (face the Shomen, bow)

Sensei/Senseigata*-ni, Rei (face the Sensei, bow)

Otagai-ni, Rei (final bow)

(Onegai shimasu) (response)

After practice:

Chakuza (kneel down)

Mokusou (meditate)

Yame (end meditation)

Sensei/Senseigata*-ni, Rei (face the Sensei, bow)

Shomen-ni, Rei (face the Shomen, bow)

Otagai-ni, Rei (final bow)

(Arigatou gozaimashita) (response)

Senseigata is a polite plural form of Sensei.