Planets, Made in China

Monday, March 4, 2013

We signed papers to refinance our house today. Soon we’ll be locked to a good rate for 26 years. That sounds like a really long time.

As you may be able to tell from the photographs, we made it to the Pacific Science Center yesterday. It was a good trip. The Tiger was having so much fun that she didn’t want to leave. We had to manhandle her out the door and into the car. Two minutes into the drive home she was asleep.

We went to most of the museum exhibits and to the toddlers’ planetarium show. The planetarium is a bit on the small size, an oversized round room with a couch along the circumference and two projectors aimed at a small domed ceiling. We saw stars, travelled to the moon, did a dance with moon shakers, and heard a Chinese tale about lots of suns and the moon. Similar to the pony ride, we didn’t think the Tiger was enjoying herself until we left. Then she couldn’t stop talking about it. I guess she’s too much in the moment during a fun activity to display much emotion. She’s good at concentrating in the moment. We can learn a lot from that.

Today was not as good. Our magical sleep Dinosaur did not sleep last night. The Doolies believes this is because he did not drink any formula yesterday. I tried twice to give him a bottle and both times he played with the nipple and let the formula dribble out of his mouth. I guess I have to try harder or be woken up multiple times during the night. Now where’s that bottle?

The bad sleep resulted in a headache-filled day. I did take an Advil and stole a few catnaps during the day that helped a bit, but I mostly wrote off the day. At one point the thought of walking up four flights of stairs to my office was too overwhelming. I decided to work in the atrium until I gathered sufficient energy to make it upstairs. I was that pathetic.

At the planetarium we purchased eight plastic planets with plastic hooks. They’re not of the highest quality, but the cylindrical pack included fishing line and putty to hang them. I tried to hang Jupiter last night and it fell. I tried again this morning with more putty with the same result. I now have to figure out how to install hooks in the ceiling. Hopefully the Tiger does not outgrow the planets too quickly.

The weather continues to be strange here. It gets down to the low thirties at night and mid-fifties during the day. The sun is out during the day and the clouds come out at night. I know this because the moon and stars are not visible at night, much to the chagrin of the Tiger and her father. It does feel almost like spring during the afternoon. I heard that next week it’s time to spring forward with the clocks and lose an hour of sleep. That’ll give me the excuse to increase my caffeine intake.

The Doolies now has the Dinosaur. I attempted to write a bit before dinner when the Dinosaur fell asleep. As I was typing away, the dogs started to growl and then let out a single bark. I left the study door open so I could hear the Dinosaur. Regrettably that meant that the Dinosaur could also hear the dogs. He woke at the first bark even though he was tired from not sleeping the entire afternoon. I’m hoping that with another dosage of formula and a bath, he’ll sleep through the night again.

Okay, I was distracted. And then, ding, my time ran out. Until next time, Dear Readers!