Same ol'

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dinosaur fell asleep as we were putting the Tiger to bed. This provided me with a small window of time to tap away. Consider this my tapping.

I finished my bar of 60% baking chocolate that the Doolies bought me for Valentine’s Day. It was yummy. I prefer the baking chocolate because it has less sugar—I guess the theory is that when baking you would add the right amount of sugar based on what you were baking.

We had a busy day today. We had talked about visiting a museum this morning but I was too tired this morning. I don’t have a good excuse. The Dinosaur slept through the night. The Doolies claims he cried once but put himself to bed without help. I woke up rather exhausted and by lunch time I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the day. Luckily my energy came back somewhat in the afternoon.

Instead of the museum, we went out to lunch and then on a long drive. Both monsters fell asleep in the car before we returned home. The Dinosaur woke when we came home, but the Tiger made the transfer and slept for another hour.

We had a three-hour Naginata class after lunch and left the monsters with our babysitter. Supposedly the Dinosaur cried for three hours straight, and the Tiger joined in on the crying when she woke up from her nap. When we returned home everyone seemed happy: the Tiger was busy playing, filling up a paper bag with her toys to schlep from one room to the next, and the Dinosaur was asleep in his car seat. The babysitter was only too happy to leave after we finished showering.

The Doolies mentioned that we had another Naginata class tomorrow morning and that I planned to stay home with the monsters. We had hoped she would respond with an offer to watch the monsters. She smiled and left without any such offer. Somehow I’ll survive the experience tomorrow. How bad can it really be? (Don’t answer that.)

Disaster averted. The Doolies came downstairs looking for a little orange rabbit (although it looks more like a dog to me) that the Tiger has taken to sleeping with at night. She had asked about it as the Doolies was putting her to bed. Luckily I found it in her kitchen area. Otherwise there may not have been much sleep tonight.

The Naginata class was quite fun. Our teacher’s teacher, a nice Japanese lady, was in town for the weekend, which is why there are longer classes and more of them. It’s always good when she’s in town. Back when we were beginners, we didn’t understand the draw. Now that we’ve been practicing for a few years, her comments make are more meaningful and we understand her corrections. Even in the single class, I corrected a handful of items that I’ve been doing wrong for many years. Hopefully a few of the corrections stick with me.

One of the dogs is snoring. The Dinosaur is still sleeping but he’s not snoring. I thought the dog’s snoring was a television left on somewhere in the house. It took me a while to realize it was a snoring dog.

Did I mention that the weather people were wrong again today? Instead of rain, we had a beautiful almost spring day. It was in the fifties and sunny. I can taste the end of winter. This has been a relatively mild winter in the Northwest. We were talking about how this may be the first winter where there was no snow. I know writing this is supposed to jinx it, but I’m not superstitious like that.

I left the garage door open again. I do that often. The Doolies discovered it and gave me a nasty look. I thought I had closed it, but that must have been after class and not after I went out for take-out sushi. It was too late to take the monsters out tonight. Not that it mattered much: the Tiger still went to be almost an hour past her bedtime. I need to install sensors on the garage doors so we know when they’re open. If only they sold sensors like that.

The Dinosaur is awake and crying.

I’m back from anime watching with the Doolies and the Dinosaur. It’s time for us to go to bed. Hopefully it’ll be a good night as I’m exhausted.