Short update

Friday, March 1, 2013

It’s finally the first day of March. For the past three weeks, Doolies been telling me that it’s almost March. March held a significance for her: it was almost the start of spring. And with February being as short as it is, she was sure it would happen any day. Well it did finally happen. Good on her. There’s much to look forward to this month. It will be one busy month.

After little thought and too much wine, I decided to draw four new Horribles today. I guess I didn’t decide on the number four, but that’s where I ended up. None of them took me much time but it did quickly eat up my thirty minutes.

I finished reading to the Tiger while the Dinosaur took a short nap. He’s up now and sitting in my nap. The Doolies is putting the Tiger to bed, and then it’ll be anime time again. I’m exhausted after a long week of working. Hopefully I’ll recover somewhat this weekend