Slow thoughts

Friday, January 11, 2013

I’m wine soaked tonight. A nice glass of Chianti with Shabbat dinner, and I’m feeling relaxed. As is usual, Dinosaur is next to me in the bouncer. He’s complaining already. Doolies is putting poor Tiger to sleep. She’s sick tonight, showing a 102 fever. It’s been cold here today and yesterday, and she must have caught something in school. Hopefully it passes quickly. She’s been a fussy tonight all night and didn’t eat much at dinner. Doolies only just checked her temperature. She’s now drinking apple juice and getting ready for bed.

Dinosaur is making his dinosaur cries. Let me see if the swing helps soothe him. It seemed to have worked. Oh wait. It did not.

If you’re a close reader you will have noticed that I didn’t post photos yesterday. After Dinosaur gave me 30 minutes of sleep last night—which was sufficient for me to type out a few words and a feeble attempt at a Horrible—he was awake for the rest of the night until Doolies returned from Naginata. He was not only awake, but he also wanted me to walk around the house while holding him. Any slow movement resulted in dinosaur screams. Toward the end I was walking around while holding my Kindle in one hand getting some reading done. My legs were tired and I was ready for Doolies to get home. I’m a terrible dad.

Doolies is reading Tiger a story. In between the second and third paragraphs above, I went upstairs to reinstall the camera. I moved Dinosaur’s camera into Tiger’s room until I get a chance to fix hers. This one is a bit better since I can move it around and even talk through it. Doolies did not appreciate my tinny voice as she was trying to put the sickly Tiger to sleep.

This has been a long week at work and a tough Friday. I had a low-grade headache all day. Not enough to justify an Advil but enough to make me uncomfortable and ready for sleep. From what I remember, Dinosaur was not a great sleeper last night. He woke up at one point gurgling from reflux and it sounded like he couldn’t breathe. Poor guy. The lack of sleep combined with the strangely cold and sunny weather resulted in the headache. It’s mostly gone now but I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully Tiger cooperates and sleeps off some of her cold.

Dinosaur is nicely sleeping in the bouncer after having fallen asleep in my arms. I managed the transfer and while he woke up for a few moments, he fell back to sleep. Tiger is staring at me with her coyote eyes. She hasn’t moved since Doolies covered her up. I expect she’ll fall asleep quickly tonight.

I cooked a chicken leg fricassee dish tonight. I was planning to fry up the pinto beans I had prepared for the cholent, but Doolies had different ideas. She found the chicken recipe in the Jewish cookbook, and went out and bought the chicken and parsley. It was quite tasty, and a meal that I can make in about an hour, including prep. We’re always on the lookout for good chicken dishes.

The Chianti was a gift from one of my colleagues at work. He even included the Wine Spectator (or some sort of wine magazines) description. I have not been a good gift giver at work. It’s something I want to try to improve over the next holiday. Since I don’t know anything about wine, I’ll resist the custom to share wine bottles with your colleagues. I was thinking more along the lines of Etsy gifts. Find a cool or funny gift, and order lots of them with cards.

I’m finishing the culling of the photographs and should post them tonight.