Teased judging

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another long night followed by a long day. I snuck a short nap in after I arrived at home. I felt much better afterwards. It relieved my morning’s pathological yawning. My nose poured out mucus during the day, and I survived on Dayquil. I’m looking forward to Nyquil tonight. Not to advertise for the ‘quils, but they’re the only thing keeping me going through whatever bug or virus is in me.

Tiger stayed home again. She looks like she’s at the tail end of her sickness. The same sickness that I now have. From her. Not that I’m blaming her. She’s too cute for blame. Good thing for that.

Dinosaur is in the swing and Doolies is waiting for me to finish so we can go watch anime. Tiger is asleep. The last few nights it’s only taken her a few minutes to fall asleep. Her sickness and lack of naps (she only managed a 30 minute one this afternoon) combine to instant sleep.

Hard to remember the day. It’s a bit of a blur. I do remember the mounds of tissues and popping cough drops like candy. I’m trying to remember if anything else happened besides my sickness. I keep thinking of my wonderful nap. I need more naps.

Our babysitter agreed to watch the kids on Naginata nights so I can join Doolies in class. It’ll be nice to do regular exercise during the week again. Once I get over this sickness, that is. And the perpetual tiredness. Man, I may be setting the bar too high. I don’t remember what it means not to be tired at night anymore.

I doubt my stair walking is keeping me in shape. Speaking of fitness, today was a slower day than usual. I parked on the second floor instead of fourth floor of the garage, lowering my floor climbs to 24 stairs after a blistering 33 yesterday. Fitbit is also telling me that I did not sleep efficiently yesterday. I didn’t need a gizmo to tell me that. According to its faulty calculations, it took 21 minutes for me to fall asleep and I awakened 17 times throughout the night. It thinks I slept for 7 hours. I’m learning that it’s not very accurate at telling when I’m sleeping since it relies solely on left arm movement. I lay in bed for long periods of time without moving and also not sleeping. It does provide a rough guide to how the night went.

Dinosaur is beginning to get antsy behind me. I may put this aside for a bit so we can start our living room routine. I’ll return afterwards.

I’m back. My Nyquil dose awaits me on the other side these words and our Dinosaur evening routine. I’m looking forward to a more restful night. I have a busy close to the week and then the glorious weekend. Hopefully we’ll all be well this weekend and can enjoy the rainy but warmer weather. We broke a 12-day drought, which is rare January weather in the Northwest.

I’m still waiting for the deep thoughts to hit me on these evening travels through my brain. I guess I can admit the obvious: I only have trivial, mundane thoughts. And weird, travel-related dreams. I’m okay with that. Not that I have much of a choice.

It’s been a few days since I worked on my Chinese lessons. I need to rework those into my routine. That and morning push-ups. Man, I really do love routines. The more the merrier.

Doolies was watching videos and now the iggies are growling and barking in their sleep. Tiger and Dinosaur seem okay to sleep through their growlking. Now that’s a great word.

Doing the math to figure out if I hit the 30 minutes mark is making my head hurt. I may need to put a large consternation warning on this entry. I know, I know, it’s about doing something every day and not judging myself for its quality or worth. But we all know that as an INTJ (or a Red/Blue/Yellow, and very little Green, for those into Insights), all I do is judge, introspectively. But I’ll save that for another day.