They look so innocent

Thursday, December 13, 2007
They look so innocentdoodle

I drew this while spending time with my older sister's kids. Well, not this exact picture. I scribbled this one while they were watching, using Microsoft Expression instead of Adobe Illustrator. While Expression has some interesting functionality, it still has a ways to go for me to use it effectively. Even with such a terrible first draft, they were impressed. It doesn't take much to impress children these days.

It wasn't until I had time later, while waiting in the hospital, to turn the terrible Expression doodle into the one you see to the left. I took notes about the clothing and accessories they were wearing before they left. The shadows came to me late in the drawing. They made me laugh before I even started drawing them. It comes back to my terrible theory: until they are 26, all children are monsters because their brains are mushy. It should go without saying that this does not apply to my childhood.