You don't know what's possible until you try

Thursday, May 1, 2008
You don't know what's possible until you trydoodle

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. I remember drawing this doodle. I was bored of drawing the Little Guy and adding the same background with a different hue. I decided to go crazy. I added a few swirls, and glowing stars, and then decided not to stop with just the sky. I was a rebel, a breaker of molds, a dreamer of bigger things, a. . . . Okay, so I can only go so crazy with an electronic pen in a small box with a sperm-like fellow. Looking at it now, months after I drew it, whatever inspiration struck, it still gives me tingles. I guess that’s what I hope for in these things.

The weather has been crazy in Seattle. It goes from hot to cold back to hot and then to rainy. It reeks havoc on my head, and I've fought a handful of migraines over the past week. The depression seems to have dissipated somewhat and I’m hoping the thermometer settles down soon.