Tuesday, October 17, 1995

(Excepted from a letter I wrote Chuck.)

How are you doing out there? I was very happy to receive your letter. I was getting bits and pieces of information from the not-so-reliable Scott. He was telling me about the insane amounts of money you were making. I am quite jealous of course. I'm sure you'll see why as soon as I outline my incredible post-graduation life.

I worked in a day camp for the summer months, and ended up making about $2k. For the amount of work I did, it was definitely worthwhile. As for law schools, I received my last rejection from the schools I was wait listed on at about the same time as camp ended. (Isn't life wonderful? Happy surprises around every corner; joyful news at every turn. Oh to be five again.)

After accepting that I wasn't destined to go to law school this year, I set out looking for a job in the CS field. I sent out about 30 resumes, and I let all my relatives know I was on the job hunt. My younger sister came through for me. She got me the name and number of Coopers & Lybrand's technology consulting department in Washington DC (she interned in their NY office over the summers and became quite friendly with some of the people who worked there.) I spoke with them, went on an interview in NY, and visited the place down in DC. Everything was going smoothly. They made me an offer, I told them I'd take the job. (It paid 31k with a 1k signing bonus. I think I could have done better if I'd actually looked, but here was a job, and I'm not all that choosy.) They were in such a hurry to hire me then. It's been about three weeks now, and it seems they are giving me the run around. They had to do a background check on me, but I've never heard of one that takes three weeks.. If I hear nothing positive from them by this Friday, I'm done with it, and it's off to the hunt again.

If you haven't guessed, I've been doing absolutely nothing since I finished camp. I sit around, keep weird hours, watch lots of TV, play lots of video games, and generally live in a vegetating-state. This doesn't sound that bad, at least for the first month. But as time rolls along, it gets very boring. I'm going out of my mind these days. I'm thinking this immortal thing isn't all It's cracked up to be. I'm sure there are going to be centuries in which I'm going to be bored out of my mind. Sigh.

I was on and off seeing that Columbia Asian girl throughout the summer, and up through now. We usually go out to eat, end up back in her room, and spend the time making out, etc. Not much of a relationship, but it passes the time. I did really like a girl at camp this summer as well. She's 18 (legal, a definite plus), incredible intelligent, gorgeous, cynical, sweet, and just plain amazing. She went to Israel for the year, so all I've been doing is writing letters to her. She even wrote back once! Probably nothing will ever happen there, but it never hurts to try. A country of Asian girls. . .Go chuck!

Just came back from Syracuse, visiting Shannon. His mother got your letter, so he hasn't had a chance to read it yet. He hates school, not sure if he'll finish the four years. He has a great apartment, is serious about Deb (you know, the moaning one), and is generally an unhappy camper. I'm sure he'll tell you more about it when he writes ya'.

It took Scott only about two months to finally call me after he moved. I was very surprised to hear from him. I was almost about to write him off as a no-show in the friend department. We talked for a while, and I might visit him this weekend (if he calls, I forgot to get his new number for his new house.) Of course, he had to go in the middle of our conversation because there was a crazy Magic game going on. I haven't spoken to the kid in two months, and he runs off to play Magic. Makes me feel kind of unimportant. I mean, if it was something important like time to go to the Ratt, then maybe I'd understand. Oh, speaking of Magic, he told me that you left him your cards to sell. He decided that since you're making so much money out there, you wouldn't mind if he just divvied them up. I'm sure his collection of green rares has increased dramatically. Very smart there Chuck, trust Scott with something important.

I hope you understand that I'm not trying to be impersonal by typing this, but I'd rather if you were able to read what I wrote. And of course, now that schools finished with, I don't get to use my word processor that much. I've upgraded to Windows 95, and Word 7.0. Don't believe any of the garbage you hear (not sure if you hear anything over there, Scott and I were debating whether or not they had plumbing), Windows 95 is actually pretty good, and not all that bug-ridden. Not as good as the Mac-OS, but pretty damn good for a first version OS. DOS and Windows Games run pretty well on it, and isn't that all that matters?

Wish I had some happy news to pass on, but I don't. Life generally sucks. I'm sure your life is quite exciting though. A different country, a new language, a good job, new experiences. I hope you are still writing some English, at least enough to translate your stories. It's going to suck if I have to learn a foreign language to read your work. You are still writing I hope? Or at least living on the edge to prepare for writing? I've got a question, does Asian blood taste that much different from American? You still wearing your ring, or have you given in to your true nature?

I am planning on joining a Dojo as soon as I settle into a place for work. I feel like such a bum not doing anything physical except sleep. I even started doing push-ups and stomach crunches at night to try to keep myself somewhat in shape. My dream in life: beat up Shannon. After I attain this, I can die a happy man.

Oh yeah, I haven't told you what I plan to do in September. I am reapplying to law school, but with a slight twist this time. I'm planning on sending my applications out on time (I know, you're thinking to yourself, is that wise David? Isn't that a little risky? What if one of the schools actually accepts you?) Don't worry, I've taken all of this into consideration, and have decided to take my chances. I'm also trying to apply to some L.L.M. programs to get a Masters in some sort of CS-type law field. Joy. Just shoot me now, please!

That about raps up all that happening here in Brooklyn. Write back! I want to hear details about your life. I have to live vicariously through someone, and now that Shannon's life sucks, I need another person to latch on to!

"Beware anger, fear, aggression; the dark side are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny!" . Yoda (remember this the next time you have thoughts of removing your ring and doing some night prowling.)