europe: angry split-up

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Not much to report today. I did get a chance to truly explore Budapest, Hungary, and I must admit, first impressions don’t do it justice.

While the country is not nearly as cheap (eating-wise) as Prague, it nonetheless has other beauties. Freedom square is a wonderful sight to behold, with statues gazing down from 100s of feet up and twice life size statues of past kings. The museums and parks near the freedom square are interesting and diverse and very cheap for students. All-in-all, a delightful day.

What made it not start as delightful was our decision to part company to explore places. During dinner, last night, we vented our complaints to each other about what was causing us not to have as good a time as possible. I’ll not bore you with the details, but in summary: Greg and Rosie annoy the shit out of me, which puts me in a bad mood and makes me grumpy around them. I’m not placing blame, but after much discussions it was decided—or shouted at least—that we shouldn’t explore cities together. With that resolution reached during our heated discussions yesterday, Rosie and Greg, after getting showered and ready this morning, informed me that I should meet them at the hostel at 7pm, without leaving me the book or any of our maps. After 2 hours of exploring, I finally found my bearings and began a delightful day of self-exploration, in the external sense.

I’m glad this happened; although I wish they had told me yesterday that it was a sure thing so I could have read the Let’s Go Europe book before they left.

I’m currently sitting in a nice Italian outdoor café and my soup has arrived. Bon Appetite.