europe: salzburg and munich

Sunday, August 22, 1999

Got a monster headache today. We left Salzburg this morning for Munich, Germany.

Salzburg was a nice small city in Austria. It’s claim to fame—at least to Americans—is that the music competition at the end of “Sound of Music” was based and filmed there during its summer music festival.

The highlight of the city—according to the guidebook—is the castle situated on top of a hill. Although the term “castle” is inadequate to describe it. It’s more of a fortress. It overlooks the town and the fifteen minute climb to its base is more than a little winding. The inside of the castle is the same as all the other one’s I’ve visited: empty and stony.

The city around the forest is small but rather crowded. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart, and they like to remind you of it at every possible turn. After visiting the castle and wandering around for a bit, I took the rest of the day off and took a nap. I need more of these quiet rest periods.

The train ride to Munich was uneventful. Once I arrived, I dropped off my stuff and headed for Drachau Concentration Camp Memorial.

The memorial site itself is free to enter. Drachau was more of an actual concentration camp rather than a extermination camp. It was the first concentration camp opened and served as a model for all the later ones. While only approximately…