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Monday, September 6, 1999

Damn I’m moody. I’ve managed to survive another day without running to the nearest airport and flying home. After hitting Pisa, Italy yesterday (the one with the leaning tower) and then heading over here to Florence, where I’m currently sitting on a shady park bench writing this entry, I’m feeling slightly refreshed. Of course the 11 hour sleep might have had something to do with it. I’m not sure how long this will last, though. My main argument for staying seems to be: what the hell would you do at home? Watch TV? Play video games? And: when’s the next time you’re going to get a chance to be in Europe? Deal with it.

The first argument is the same one that’s been used on me to convince me to go out to bars when I’m sure I won’t have a good time. Not surprisingly, it occasionally works, and you know what? I usually don’t have a good time. As for the second argument, while it’s true I’m here, it doesn’t mean I have to see every fucking thing in every mosquito-ridden country.

We’ll see how the day turns out. It’s a beautiful one here in Florence. Sun is out. It’s not too hot. Although I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the next bout of let’s-go-home-atosie. I might yet be jumping on a train for Rome and flying out of there. Guess only time will tell.

I apologize for not writing about the sites I’m visiting, but while some of them are wonderful, I’ve gotten sick of saying: that church was awesome. It doesn’t do it justice and seems a waste of ink. But to summarize some favorites I haven’t written about:

The Partheon in Rome was awesome. It was build around 10AD and is a huge domed Pagan temple (which, not surprisingly, has been converted into a Roman Catholic church—why do they ruin all the cool sites?).

I mentioned Pompeii before, but forgot to mention it was awesome. Leaning tower of Pisa was cool; although it’d be a hell of a ot cooler if it would have fallen while I was staring at it.