holy spellchecker, batman

Monday, January 26, 2004

I just thought I’d drop a quick note informing my faithful reader (since we’re not counting my mother) of a significant change to my website.

Allegedly, I misspelled ‘ennui’ on the title of my webpage. Thankfully, all evidence of this so-called misspelling have been removed (not that there was any evidence to begin with, of course). I would never have missed such an important spelling mistake while coding my website. As a certain bald, Sicilian warrior-thinker once said, “it’s inconceivable.”

Chuck pointed out this supposed mistake to me today. He finally returned to Korea from his US visit, and I'm now expecting to see lots of updates at his website. You see, it’s an ego-thing between Chuck and me. As I will explain once I get around to writing my about section, my entire inspiration for improving my website came about because Chuck’s site was so damn good. If his had been crappy, I never would have implemented any of the improvements, and I would have gotten a lot more sleep (I stayed up to at least three in the morning every day I worked on coding my site). The arms race continues....

Did you noticed my zoomed-in thumbnails, Chuck? Hmm? All done automatically through a web-interface on this website. Yes, I am fancy-shmancy.