Feb 20Too much thinkingText
Jan 07A silent jauntText
Sep 10Magical ExperiencesInner Tirade
Aug 06Never trust your neighborInner Tirade
Jan 04Circles of LifeInner Tirade
Jun 23"Now everyone grab a seat"Cast of Horribles
Dec 06Stop taking up my oxygenCast of Horribles
Oct 21Know your missionCast of Horribles
Apr 19I'm changing to get aheadCast of Horribles
Mar 03"I've been asked to read this statement: I'm a big fat idiot"Cast of Horribles
Feb 08They want me to changeCast of Horribles
Jan 25"Now that all the thinking's done you can take over the project"Cast of Horribles
Oct 09"Oh, I'm going to tell on you!"Cast of Horribles
Aug 03"I want you to write the same mail but use my words"Cast of Horribles
Jun 29"If I tell amusing anecdotes then I don't really need to say anything"Cast of Horribles
Feb 22So this is what it feels like to work againCast of Horribles
Feb 01We're all replaceableCast of Horribles
Jan 22And I smote with much vengenceCast of Horribles
Dec 18"It's always best to get somebody else to do your fighting"Cast of Horribles
Jun 19Dignity always has its priceCast of Horribles
Feb 07"There's right and then there's what we decide"Cast of Horribles
Aug 13If they all insist I'm wrong, how can I not be right?Cast of Horribles
Jul 14Seattle MoveText
May 14Waiting for That (Job) CallText
Apr 27Dreams about What We're AfterText
Nov 06work complaintsText
Oct 06television and decisionsText
Sep 01work decisionsText
Aug 29doug firedText
Jun 26self-employmentText