doug fired

Friday, August 29, 2003

What a day. Doug was finally terminated this morning. I’m not terribly surprised, but management could have done a better job of it. No matter. I’m of mixed feelings here. On the one hand, I respect Doug. He’s a great intellect; a brilliant attorney; and a fun person to work with. On the other hand (and this hand is huge and part of the reason he was finally let go), he’s aggressive and stubborn to the point of stupidity. He could have pulled back at any moment and taken a less aggressive approach. But that’s not him. He pushes and pushes, sometimes just to see its effect on other people, and when the shit finally hit the fan (to use a cliché), he had too few friends and too many well-connected haters. It’s a shame. He did the company well during his time here, even if he spent most of his time fucking around (at least in WesternGeco; during his previous five years he worked his ass off. How quickly they forget).

So where does that leave me? They offered me Doug’s job (at least a semblance of it). The catch: I need to move to Oslo to take the job. I’m not against the move, but it worries me. It worries me more than I’ll probably admit. But I don’t want to go through those reasons right now. I want to relax. Smile. And have a wonderful weekend with Doolies. I’ll sit back and wrute something less controversial. Something relaxing that’ll help me prepare for a fun weekend. Fun. And relaxing.