Dec 27If I had something to sayText
Sep 25Hold her steadyCast of Horribles
Sep 05I sometimes get carried awayCast of Horribles
Aug 27Harry Potter ManiaText
Aug 14That next step is a doozyCast of Horribles
Jul 15Summer hits like a bag of boltsCast of Horribles
Jul 09We all don't want to be heroesCast of Horribles
Jul 08Complaints reaching dangerous levelsCast of Horribles
Jul 03A return to stillnessCast of Horribles
Jun 29If you fly fast enough you'll live foreverCast of Horribles
Jun 26Married!Text
Jun 20The downfall of the humansText
Jun 19You're looking strong todayCast of Horribles
Jun 19The ruin of vanilla ice creamText
Jun 17Scary first stepsText
Jun 12Too exhausted for wordsCast of Horribles
Jun 08Boston with the DooliesText
Jun 04Dark tables don't tell talesCast of Horribles
May 22A white-water bachelor partyText
May 17Pre-month JittersText
Mar 21Wonder DrugsText
Mar 15Fictional StrangenessText
Mar 14Tiny, tiny baby stepsText
Feb 23Gorged on MediaText
Feb 21Progress, ShmogressText
Feb 13The OntologistText
Feb 09Casting the horriblesText
Feb 08Turning off the tubesText
Feb 07Mushy ideasText
Feb 06Prodigy piano playerText
Feb 05Grandma's GoodbyeText
Feb 05Scanning PhotosText
Feb 04Grandmother MollyText
Feb 03Mimes they were notText
Feb 01Consistent Tomfoolery Text
Jan 30Apocalyptic dreamsText
Jan 29The story's last legsText
Jan 28Doolies's Home ImprovementText
Jan 26Doolies returns to a changed DavidText
Jan 25Return of the Snowman (and the Doolies!)Text
Jan 24Recording wet thoughtsText
Jan 23Diagnosis: squiggly depressionText
Jan 22Extension withdrawalText
Jan 21It’s another lonely SundayText
Jan 20Blue skies and green treesText
Jan 19The perfect steakText
Jan 18Quiet placeholdersText
Jan 17Cellphone CrackText
Jan 16On gray-matter achesText
Jan 15Exhibit A: Brain deteriorationText
Jan 14Criticize Away!Text
Jan 14Growing GenerationallyText
Jan 13Growing GenerationallyText
Jan 13Snow HeroesText
Jan 12Bad news for my dedicated reader(s)Text
Jan 11Lamenting PierogiesText
Jan 10Snow TiresText
Jan 08New Baby DavidsText
Jan 08Friendship TestText
Jan 08Headlines that break across my nogginText
Jan 07Home Improve to ConsternationsText
Jan 05Don’t hate me because I’m talented with HTMLText
Jan 033-Hour JetlagText
Jan 02Filter? I don't need no stinking filter!Text
Jan 01Faux ResolutionsText
Dec 31Happy New Years!Text
Dec 30Monster AtticsText
Dec 29Flying 'QuilsText
Dec 28Dreamy End of YearText
Dec 26On pithy notes that don't say very muchText
Dec 24Coughing and CavetchingText
Dec 23NoText
Dec 22Sickening pushText
Dec 21Spaced BarsText
Dec 202006-1973=33Text
Dec 19Affirmative passwordsText
Dec 18There it is againText
Dec 17Timely ScribblesText
Dec 16Electricity but no internetText
Dec 15Airport sittingsText
Dec 15PowerlessText
Dec 14Long drive homeText
Dec 13Snooze-button time
Dec 12Another day of high hopes Text
Dec 11Sickly PokerText
Dec 10Silver MenorahsText
Dec 09Coffee musingsText
Dec 08SynopsesText
Dec 06Too many words left todayText
Dec 04Different decisions different choicesText
Dec 03Wooden FloorsText
Dec 02Tiny KeyboardsText
Dec 01Sleep's EnvyText
Nov 30Wormy BrainsText
Nov 29If Only I Pounded Story CrudText
Nov 28Snowy WishesText
Nov 27Wired NightsText
Nov 26Mixing Beer with Karaoke is DangerousText
Nov 25Another day, another one thousand wordsText
Nov 24The Wedding Photo ShopText
Aug 30Touching up old photosText
Aug 29Little BitesText
Aug 28Deflated InspirationsText
Aug 01Camp SagamoreText
Jul 27Alice, Meet MoonText
Jul 24Creatures of the WallText
Jun 27Left Lane HogsText
May 29Keep that chin upText
Apr 30Banana Non-StoriesText
Apr 23Musings on a NapkinText
Apr 23Festering DialoguesText
Apr 17Zombie-Powered BrainsText
Apr 14Brief ScuttleText
Mar 29Gym GoingsText
Mar 13Problems from aboveText
Feb 15More in a long line of boring, depressed drivel, where the title is longer than the contentText
Feb 09Nothings GoingsText
Feb 06SleeplessnessText
Jan 17Insensitive ClodText
Jan 16Transcriptions of a Jewish Convers(at)ion - DraftText
Jan 12SGGBY ResponseText
Jan 04PWAText
Jan 02On LanguageText
Dec 26Fatty TowelText
Oct 20Hobbled RabbitsText
Oct 13Fast BreadsText
Oct 08Movied ramblingsText
Oct 06Fossil leavesText
Oct 05Unexpected and Wonderful (again)Text
Oct 04Putter downer of wordsText
Oct 04Shake Your HeadText
Sep 30San FranciscoText
Sep 30LowText
Sep 19Streaking StormsText
Sep 15Holy DentistText
Sep 13Droopy daysText
Sep 12Video-Game-Free DayText
Sep 08Moleskine IdealsText
Aug 26Beautiful SleepText
Aug 24Gap-Tooth WaitersText
Aug 24Sleeping FitsText
Aug 16Senseless RamblingsText
Aug 10CrispnessText
Aug 07Lonely EatingText
Jul 29Bad DaysText
Jul 22It's Been Too LongText
Jul 19Resting on LaurelsText
Jul 15Attention BreaksText
Jul 13Senseless RaisinsText
Jul 12Rest: Evil StudiesText
Jul 07Chocolate TwirlsText
Jul 05Heads ApoundingText
Jul 04Lots of 'splosionsText
Jul 03Monkeys in a BarrelText
Jul 02Oil ChangesText
Jun 30Almost Writing AgainText
Jun 27Keep it SimpleText
Jun 24Caffeine-Free TidingsText
Jun 23Millions of SoldiersText
Jun 21Creatures Living in my RoofText
Jun 20Four WordsText
Jun 18Jerky FingersText
Jun 17Distractions and Excuses (again)Text
Jun 15Grape-Drinking SpidersText
Jun 15Excuses, excusesText
Jun 13Sneaky spidersText
Jun 12Two-thousand splitText
Jun 11Flights and FragmentsText
Jun 10Three PoisonsText
Jun 09Triangular FoodsText
Jun 08Melting MuseumsText
Jun 08Insomniac AddendumText
Jun 08EngagementText
Jun 07Temporary answers Text
Jun 06Forced Star Wars WordsText
Jun 05Groping Distractions and Sleeping Through BarbequesText
Jun 04The Ultimate in Written Diarrhea (Goals and goal)Text
Jun 03Speedy TypistText
Jun 02Cold ShiversText
May 29So Much StretchingText
May 28Finger PainsText
May 27Last minute distractionsText
May 25Sister's BabblingText
May 24Sleep Aides and SkitsText
May 23Goals, goals, goalsText
May 20Excuses, excusesText
May 19Perspiration or InspirationText
May 18Still AliveText
May 12PC DayText
May 11Sandy HeadText
Apr 25New BikeText
Apr 21Balloon RidesText
Apr 20WOW AddictsText
Apr 14Empty MorningsText
Apr 11Strangled ThoughtsText
Apr 09WallingfordText
Apr 07Sneaky ThursdaysText
Apr 06Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don'tText
Apr 05Melodrama suits you wellText
Apr 03Moping CastlesText
Mar 30ZonkedText
Mar 30Rejecting ChocolateText
Mar 29Leaky BananasText
Mar 28Inner TurmoilText
Mar 25Lying AntsText
Mar 21Mucus-Filled GourdsText
Mar 20Overrated David TimeText
Mar 19Edge of SicknessText
Mar 18Sleepy RecoveryText
Mar 16Mistimed FlightsText
Mar 15I (Heart) NYText
Mar 15Cotton-Candy PillowsText
Mar 14Forcing myself to writeText
Mar 14Please Fall Asleep!Text
Mar 13Late-Night CoffeeText
Mar 12Shallow MemoriesText
Mar 12Senseless FlightsText
Mar 07BaristaText
Feb 22Frosted GrassText
Feb 21Heroic BanterText
Feb 20So Long LottieText
Feb 18AbstractionText
Feb 17Ending RamblingsText
Feb 16Works of FireText
Feb 13Consternated is not a three-letter wordText
Feb 12It's Never GoodText
Feb 11Holey ShoesText
Feb 10Fun with small wordsText
Feb 08Salad DreamsText
Feb 07Ramblings on Magic BulletsText
Feb 06The MusinatorText
Feb 05Greasy Memory CardsText
Feb 03Phones that are smarter than youText
Feb 02Bored to TearsText
Feb 01Painted FishText
Jan 27Cheap PokesText
Jan 25Conspiracy to Keep Me DownText
Jan 24To Be an AstrophysicistText
Jan 23Snow Falling in the OceanText
Jan 22Snow PainsText
Jan 21The Weather Outside is DreadfulText
Jan 20Shaving SnowText
Jan 18Beautiful NeighborhoodText
Jan 13CF w/no IT to crank TO b/c of WOW b/n DVD or HCPText
Jan 09Frozen CastleText
Jan 08Flintstones Aren’t Just for Kids AnymoreText
Jan 07Today's Theme: Dead ConventionsText
Jan 06Snow DayText
Jan 05Brackled BackeriesText
Jan 04If only I Finished a ThoughtText
Jan 03Loops in the ParkText
Jan 02Broken GlassText
Jan 01CompassesText
Dec 31Whale Riding on New Year's EveText
Dec 30Jetlagged BearText
Dec 29The Shopvac IncidentText
Dec 28Gravel ShovelingText
Dec 27wringinghair.comText
Dec 16Anxious TravelerText
Dec 15Short Addicted EntryText
Dec 14Traveling PenText
Dec 13Mudville DistractionsText
Dec 12Infinite WellText
Dec 11Broken ClocksText
Dec 09Lickety FiresText
Dec 08Inane CacklingText
Dec 07Ball Rolling (updated)Text
Dec 06The ZipperText
Dec 04Key to Overcoming Distraction is SufferingText
Dec 03Columbia City and Me-TimeText
Nov 29FireplacesText
Nov 27The Flying Toe StompText
Nov 26Ice Picks of InspirationText
Oct 30Spider's DialogueText
Oct 29The ClockmanText
Oct 248 Days LeftText
Oct 23Skinnier NarratorText
Oct 22Muddy GolfingText
Oct 21Stretching the Muscles and Story DecisionsText
Oct 20Mucking through Deep ShitText
Oct 14Righteous Continuation of More-Pugs, and Then NotText
Oct 13More-pug CribsText
Oct 07Caffeinated FishText
Oct 05Spaghetti ThoughtsText
Sep 26Crumpled WritingText
Sep 23TumbleweedsText
Sep 15Move-In DayText
Sep 06Slow WritingText
Sep 01Saying LittleText
Aug 28Questions for the Fatigue-Soaked MindText
Aug 23Building Tunnels Under the SandText
Aug 13New House!Text
Aug 11Cardboard HeadachesText
Aug 05Cleaning Lady, Exit Stage LeftText
Jul 25Snippets of a New Yorker Dragged Against His Will to Houston (Part I)Text
Jul 16brain divotsText
Jul 13Late ArtistsText
Jul 10Wise Words and Random ThoughtsText
Jul 07AntisocialText
Jun 28Moleskine 1 DoneText
Jun 13Cy TwomblyText
May 20Delivery DreamText
May 14Waiting for That (Job) CallText
May 03the demon CarlText
Mar 19bitter reflectionsText
Feb 29termitesText
Feb 1690th birthdays and Stephen King's writingsText
Jan 17Robert JordanText
Jan 15coffee, coffee, coffeeText
Jan 14restaurantsText
Jan 06constipated feelings and blind datesText
Jan 04toys and selfishnessText
Dec 31New Years without consternation!Text
Dec 25what to post in musingsText
Dec 21birthdayText
Nov 06work complaintsText
Oct 12jack of many tradesText
Oct 06television and decisionsText
Sep 01work decisionsText
Aug 29doug firedText
Jun 062002 Journal ReviewText
Apr 12Basketball DreamsText
Dec 25what to write aboutText