Flying 'Quils

Friday, December 29, 2006

And so the fragment ends. I had a difficult flight today. I thought I was feeling better until I left the Castle. It’s amazing to feel so good at home only to leave it and not feel that great. It might be the subfreezing temperatures Seattle is enjoying. Maybe there is something to that global warming thing. (Anecdotal evidence should never be trusted!)

After I arrived at the airport it went downhill. I bought overpriced DayQuil and drugged myself for most of the two flights. I met Doolies in Newark and we flew together to Buffalo where my brother-in-law picked us up. If it sounds like I’m recording breakfasts and socks, then there’s a reason for that: I am. I’m pushing words to get this finished. I won’t get back to the little fragment I started below. I had hopes but like usual those hopes were squashed by too little effort and too much time. I need to get back to my study and sit down and stare at the screen with nothing to talk about until I realize that being blue in the face isn’t going to get me closer to the Goal. But I digress, as usual.

I’m typing this in my sister’s study. I’m writing this while attempting to get internet connectivity. It’s harder than it looks to juggle. The connectivity is fighting me but I’ll win, eventually. We had a late-night snack and it’s almost time for bed. I think I’m back on Seattle time while Doolies is on Dallas time. One of these days we’ll be on the same time again.

I didn’t have anything in the way of yummy caffeine today, and I’m more overtired than tired. Tomorrow we meet my two newest nieces. They were asleep when we arrived at around 10pm tonight. It will be a quiet relaxing holiday weekend with family.

I managed a few more paragraphs in the fragment below. I’m not sure where I’m taking it but I couldn’t think of anything else to write down here. As I said: that’s the truest inspiration for me. When I have nothing else going for me and nothing else to discuss.

My coughs are starting up again. I have to be careful around the monsters. I’ll drug myself again with the ‘quil before going to sleep. I think the ‘quils are causing my stomach to jump around. The flights were particularly tough in that area. But I’m complaining, something I’ve been doing too much of lately. Once I get over this cold and get back to Seattle and settle back into my rut, then I will not complain as much. Maybe I’ll even be happy with everything in my life. That is a big maybe. Okay, you know why I’m writing this last sentence. There it is.