Alice, Meet Moon

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It’s me again. I’ve failed over the last few days. It happens. I managed a few hundred words a day, none of which was worth sharing. I’ve also failed in writing the story for our ping-pong match. I did come up with a sneaky and ingenious idea, and I hope to implement my plans for world domination “from the perspective of an animal.” Stupid animals.

Doolies changed her plans: she isn’t returning home until Saturday night. One day isn’t a big deal, but I was very much looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, and when she told me this morning, I was sad. But all is not lost. This gives me another day to clean up the Castle, which, in her absence, has disintegrated into a mix between a Laundromat splayed open by a tornado and a restaurant at the end of a mad Valentine’s eve rush.

I’m in the process of editing our Sagamore video. This is the first video I’ve edited, and it’s turning out more challenging than I expected. Picking the right music and the right transitions, and then cutting and pasting in the right places, is easier said than done. Plus, I’m having technical issues as I run a beta version of Windows Vista, with a not fully baked movie editor. I’ll get around to finishing my first video masterpiece one of these days.

Open up the docks. There are external forces at work here. The rug is blue and the sky is blue. I wait for the shock of inspiration but settle for the shock of flat fingers on keys. I hope to have something to say. I should go back and say what I said but better. I’m sick of saying poorly. Is there a difference? What am I hoping to accomplish by saying anything at all.

What followed this was the first draft of the ping-pong story. I can’t post it yet because it’s not finished. Suffice to say, I wrote about 297 words of story, and 212 words of notes. One of these days, Alice, one of these days.