Grandma's Goodbye

Monday, February 5, 2007

As written and delivered by my sister Eileen

I will miss my grandma so much. All those things we should have talked about, the things I could have learned.

My grandma was a quiet person, but a doer. Until just a few years ago she was a very independent person, and always on the move. Whether she was playing at the senior center or proctoring exams, she was on the move. My grandmother would always come to all the grandkids functions, and we liked her there.

She had a tough life, but never let us see that side. She had a contagious laugh, that I still hear today, and a wonderful warm smile that stayed with her right until the end. She taught my brother David, my sister Randy and I how to play Rumicube, how to make silver dollar pancakes, and how to enjoy life. I remember that she had so many friends who loved her, but no one who loved her like her family.

Her son, my uncle Freddy visited her everyday for 8 years, missing only 2 days in those years. He was so very devoted to her, his sweetheart as he would call her. He loved her so. My mom who insisted that she, even wheelchair-bound, be a part of all family functions. She felt it important that she remained part of our growing family holiday dinners and even towards the end of her life, a part of our every growing clan.

My entire family truly enjoyed her company and appreciated her. My grandmother had battled breast cancer, and won, lost my dad, her son when he was only 44, but still kept moving, kept doing. We all should be as strong a person as my grandma was. I know everyone who came in contact with her, truly felt her sincerity and her kindness.

We will always share stories and pictures with all her great-kids so that my grandma’s memory never, ever be forgotten! We will miss you grandma – give my dad a big hug from us, we know you are in a better place, where you feel no pain and you are still smiling.