Excuses, excuses

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Today was a tough day. I feel bad writing what I’m sure will amount to a rather bad musing, especially after yesterday’s discussion on my plans to write stories using a more thorough and well-though-out approach. But as I say often, I can only work with what I have, and what I have is, well—I’ll leave the small dick jokes for another time. I woke early this morning for a morning meeting, and by the time the three-hour marathon ended at eleven, I had symptomatic PY, and I realized that today was not going to be a good day.

I had been optimistic about the day when I awoke, secure in my knowledge that I had fallen asleep at a reasonable hour last night. I remember waking an hour before my alarm went off, and deciding to sleep through that initial waking. I now believe that might have caused my bad day.

Sorry for the interruption, but I had to reboot my router after I ran into a problem with my wireless internet. Of course, I could have ignored the problem and continued writing, but that’s not how I work, especially on a sans-caffeine day. I can see it now: this is going to be a painful musing to write. Maybe I should give up before I hurt myself.

My head still feels a bit heavy, even after a thirty-minute nap. I don’t know what hit me, but a sick feeling accompanied my sleepiness today: my head was hot, I was dizzy, and I was sure I was coming down with something. There are plenty of sicknesses floating around work. I downed two Advil pills, and even napped for thirty minutes on the floor, but none of it helped. I didn’t bother drinking coffee, knowing it wouldn’t help (especially after the Advil pills failed), and after my last meeting of the day at 3:30pm, I got in the car and drove to downtown Seattle to drop off Doolies’s ring. I would have preferred to go home to the Castle, but I worried that if I was becoming sick, I might not be able to drive there later in the week. As I said before, I’m not feeling much better after my nap. My head is still a bit heavy, but it’s not terrible, which is a vast improvement.

This is painful. I’m debating finishing this musing or calling Doolies and coming back to it later, hopefully more refreshed or something. I didn’t have any opportunities to grind ideas or voyeur today.

As you can tell by the date of posting, I didn’t manage to post this last night. After writing the garble above, I settled down for a nap and then video games. We played until midnight, which relieved some of my sickness (especially when playing). I woke up this morning still not feeling great, but better than yesterday. Since I arrived at work (I slept in a bit today), I’m feeling better. I know I missed the Goal yesterday, but these things happen, and I’m not going to dwell on it. I’ll try to make it up today, and perhaps write a story (yeah, I kill me too).