Moleskine 1 Done

Monday, June 28, 2004

I spent most of last week on vacation, visiting with Doolies in Dallas and the OC. And as always, I had a wonderful time (even if I went a little mad on Saturday). I have been writing stories, or at least the outline for stories. I’m just about ready to start the actual writing on my next effort.

I’ve finished my first moleskine notebook dated from 4/25/04 through 6/26/04. Doolies asked me yesterday what I did before I had the moleskine, and I honestly can’t remember. Having a small book in my pocket that I can use to jot down ideas or just pass the time is wonderful. I’ve spent a little time going through the first journal and typed in a few of the entries that were interesting. There are many entries describing the character and plot development of FBT, but it’s too voluminous and boring for me to type in. I’ve focused mostly on the non-plot musings.

I didn’t (and won’t) edit any of the musings from my moleskine. Consider them raw thoughts. Not always interesting, but it’s what I think and what I write. (I'm going to stop giving this warning. It sounds too much like an excuse for not editing...which it probably is.)