Basketball Dreams

Friday, April 12, 2002

Strange dream. I was representing a woman client for what seemed the first case of my career in NYC—a friend or perhaps another law student. There was a basketball game going on that I was throwing penalty flags for (but I kept coming in and then leaving). The game—which was really football—turned on a bad call by one of the referees who wrote an article about the call.

I went with a group of friends to play outdoor basketball late at night in a park somewhere. I got there by train. I was then watching TV with people and a guy that looked like Tito from law school wanted me to be on his basketball team, but not tell anyone about it. I then was back in the outdoor court.

The first few courts started getting full as we arrived. We finally found a half court that wasn’t full. The court was full of puddles. I was shooting around and some kid started playing tight defense on me. I said, ‘what the fuck,’ and insulted him until he left. I then caught up to him and apologized. Then my alarm went off.

There were a whole bunch of girls during the dream that knew me. They kept asking, ‘what was I doing?’ I told some of them I was working as a lawyer. We went to a professor’s clinic to review the contract I had reviewed for that girl. The professor found all sorts of sneaky clauses that I had OK’d. I then went back and me and some people found some exceptionally sneaky parts. That was a strange dream.